Fighter Jets and Heart Attacks

When the world feels out of order, I scan the refrigerator, select a recipe, and settle in with “My Favorite Murder” or some tunes, and cook. At this moment, I am writing. Writing is another way I work through intense feelings. In the past, I’d run things out over some hard miles but my body… Continue reading Fighter Jets and Heart Attacks

10 Books that Feature Strong Women

I didn’t consciously make a themed book list. I didn’t diligently sift through recommended titles to select commonalities. But if you look closely at these ten, my first reads for 2019, you’ll find a strong woman somewhere in each one. Books 1–10 in 2019 No. 1: Bird Box by Josh Malerman Did you see the… Continue reading 10 Books that Feature Strong Women

Measuring ROI for SMWATX 2019

I never attended a happy hour. Walked right on by the chatting crowds at the morning breakfast table. That FOMO Factory booth, where attendees snapped brightly colored selfies? The prominently placed step-and-repeat? Nope; no selfies or group shots populate my feed. Nor did I make a bee line for speakers after their sessions. So, you… Continue reading Measuring ROI for SMWATX 2019

I Didn’t Weigh Myself for Two Months

My nutritionist looked at me with a carefully neutral expression before asking, “Do you want me to tell you your weight or not? It’s up to you.” December, before the holidays, was the last time I’d been in the office. She’d given me two tasks then: continue healthy eating and cease weighing. “Healthy eating,” designed… Continue reading I Didn’t Weigh Myself for Two Months

Spring Comes in February

The dark sky glowers. For the last few hours, fast melting sleet has peppered the ground. Mere days ago, I’d pulled on shorts and flung all the windows open, sweating when the night’s low hovered near 70 degrees. Texas weather changes abruptly, and and the needle on this particular February day has swung back toward… Continue reading Spring Comes in February

Freelancing from NYC’s Public Library

Morning sun broke through the clouds to illuminate Manhattan’s gray buildings. Across their tops, I could see water; was that the Hudson River? That Friday morning was turning out to be cool and crisp, a good day to get out on foot and explore. Just one hitch: I had work to do. No problem–I’d combine… Continue reading Freelancing from NYC’s Public Library

Soup’s On for Cold Winter Weather

Brrr! The North Pole is spilling its guts all over the U.S. You know it’s bad when cities like Chicago and Minneapolis, which are used to temperatures we in Austin don’t really believe exist, cancel school, set fire to railroad tracks (really!), and tell people to stay indoors. When the lows dip, I go for… Continue reading Soup’s On for Cold Winter Weather

Discovering Barcelona through Music

Just a few cords on a keyboard. Then, a simple bass line. A few beats later, the satin voice of the singer; in the background, finger snaps provide tempo as the measures build and the music becomes fuller. By the time percussion enters, there’s no way my body can remain still. That song, “Closer” from… Continue reading Discovering Barcelona through Music

Celebrating a Life with Moments of Grace

Snow crunched between asphalt and shoe tread, my breath muffled in the scratchy warmth of a wool wrap. For this Texas girl, six-plus inches and a morning temperature hovering at 10 degrees Fahrenheit were quite the novelty. I’d arrived in Illinois just prior to that mid-January snowfall. Each day, I eagerly bundled up for a… Continue reading Celebrating a Life with Moments of Grace