Beautiful Bastrop

On Saturday, I went out to Bastrop State Park with friends to get in my longer run for Palo Duro.  We wanted to be out there because it’s flat and fairly easy trail, just like the race will be.  My friend Stephanie was running longer (4 x 7.5 mile loop plus 20-minutes out and back) and I was there to support her; she’s getting ready for the 50 miler while Marcia and I are doing the 50K (we did 3 x 7.5 mile loop).

Because I thought I was riding the Longhorn Half bike course the next day, I tried to run very conservatively and focus on both my hydration and nutrition.  I told myself that the first two loops were like riding the bike course at Longhorn and the third loop was running my half marathon, trying to work the mental aspect of running well on tired legs and bring a little tri to the trail.  I did a fine job, I think; my 3 loops were almost exactly the same times as my best run out there which was on a cool day in November (1:48, 1:50; 1:53)—that was when we were getting ready for Bandera 50K and did the Motive Half the next day, which to this day remains my Personal Worst for a half marathon.  The fact that I felt I was running conservatively in the heat and matched this earlier run, when I was doing nothing but focusing on 50K training, is a huge mental boost to me, as it’s been very hard to gauge where I am with all these different workouts and goals.  I mean, if I’m where I was THEN, I am in good shape for Palo Duro.  I have to keep reminding myself that I am a better, faster trail runner than I was 2 years ago and that this is an easier course.  Now, there is still the little matter of having done my first half IM two weeks before, but I’m just not going to think too much about that….

After my run, I changed and washed up with icy cold water at the car, drank a victory Pepsi, and waited for Stephanie to finish.  It is so peaceful and beautiful out there among the pines.  I felt really great, both mentally and physically.  We went for a hamburger on the way home, so by the time I rolled into Austin I had to go directly to the soccer game in Pflugerville.  Aacck…I felt gross and disgusting, and sitting in the heat for another 2.5 hours really took its toll.  By the time we got home, I was wasted.  I’d left the house at 5:15AM and returned at 8:00PM.

Sunday morning’s ride fell through and it was a good thing; I was toast and had no business doing a long, hard bike ride.  So we went to Parmer Lane for the first time and did a nice, easy spin for about 22 or so miles.  Then I came home and slept some more.  While it wasn’t quite the weekend I had planned, I am satisfied and happy with what got accomplished.

September 9-15, 2007 workouts

swim         2:05  (I really enjoy the master’s swim group I’ve started.  I like to swim)
bike            5:07  (includes new longest bike ride, 60 miles!)
run             7:12
total          14:24

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    1. Hey! I was wearing a red bike jersey with flowers and my bike is blue. We were out later in the AM, like between 9-10:45.

      It\’s funny; I didn\’t know that the Freescale parking lot was closed to the public (and we didn\’t see any signs on the way in), so we parked and rode in and out from there. The security guard was not happy with us when we came in.

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