Cliff Notes Version (Until I Get my Real Race Report Written)

Longhorn Half Ironman–wahoo! 

swim=:49:00  I was very happy with this and felt good coming out of the water
T1=5:06  slow, but I don’t care (I like my feet clean)      
bike=3:29:47  Super pumped–this was faster and felt better than I’d anticipated
T2=3:37   in hindsight, I should’ve hit the port-a-potty
run=2:49:43  Can you say “ouch”?  This was a struggle
7:17 total time and I AM A HALF IRONMAN!

One of the BEST parts of the day was the pep talk I got from shubbe in transition before the run.  It was AWESOME–I can’t even really remember what she said, other than reminding me that I was a runner and that’s what I do.  Heck, yeah. 

I am going to figure out how to successfully use the LJ cut AND get a nifty userpic in honor of this athletic accomplishment.

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  1. I don\’t remember exactly what I said either. I bet your fond memory is better than what I actually said, so let\’s not try to remember the exact words. 🙂

    Congratulations!!! I had so much fun being out there and cheering you on. You\’re truly awesome, and you always looked so happy and so determined.


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