Looking Ahead To Palo Duro Canyon 50K

Next Saturday is Palo Duro Canyon 50K.

We leave early Friday morning; I’m looking forward to the car ride with friends almost as much as the actual race. Sunday, Stephanie, Marcia, and I ran on the Barton Creek greenbelt starting from Zilker Park. I told myself  I wouldn’t run for more than 2 hours but I got sucked into it…the weather was cool, we were chatting and hitting a good pace, and I felt great. Looked down around Sculpture Falls to see that my run time was  at 1:20. Oops! I turned around and had a negative split coming back. Afterward, we stood in Barton Creek and soaked, talking up the trip details.

Man, that was a good morning!

I had been afraid I was going to be totally depleted after Longhorn Half Ironman but it looks like I’m good (though I will still take it easy this week and focus on nutrition, sleep, and hydration, throwing in some short workouts with higher intensity).

October 7–13, 2007 workouts
swim      1:24
bike        4:40
run          3:21
total        9:25*  These numbers include the Longhorn Half Ironman

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0 thoughts on “Looking Ahead To Palo Duro Canyon 50K

  1. Exciting

    These two weeks — last and this — must be some weird twilight-zone mix of recovery from the Half and taper for Palo Duro, right? Looks like it\’s working for you if you felt great after a 2:40 trail run/chat:)

    I lost track, are you running the 50K or 50 miles?

    Have a great trip and run.

    1. Re: Exciting

      Thanks whyiron.

      I\’m doing the 50K for fun (no real time goal, just enjoy the scenery). It HAS been kind of a weird twilight zone so far. But I\’ll tell you–no post event blues; there\’s no time!

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