Happy New Year!

My Ironman Coeur d’Alene training starts up this month. I have a meeting with my coach on Friday and will get busy with a schedule soon. Looking forward to a stroke clinic (sounds vaguely nasty, huh?) with Cathy in the month of January. Started the first day of January not so hot with a massive hangover which left me shuffling around all day and no workout.

January 2 had a wonderful run in the ‘hood (did my hilly 10k loop right at an hour, which is fine by me).

I’m heading out (that is, hopefully–there’s some family drama going on that may derail my plans for this weekend) to Bandera on Friday to run the 25K for the sheer pleasure of it and then help out at the Crossroads aid station. Camping out there…brrrrrrr…but at least it won’t be wet like last year.

My husband got me a book on people’s accounts of their first Ironman races, and would you believe it’s fucked up? The printer missed about 30 pages, reprinting the first section over again! Talk about a bummer; I’m going to see if Amazon won’t let me swap it out for a new one. Surely mine is not a one-of-a-kind issue.

Also, you know you are a goober when you have issues with the thinking behind capitalizing “Ironman” or not. Clearly, I’m one who believes it should always be capitalized–in my mind, it’s like “Band-Aid,” which is a brand name that has become generically associated, or like “Coke”–even though I understand there may be some Ironman-distance races that are not officially “Ironman” trademarked events. It’s not like “marathon.”

Therefore, the fact that the author chooses to write ironman at times is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

Fellow English geeks, feel free to debate this one.

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  1. would that be

    becoming an ironman? It\’s about as nice as reading race reports online.

    Ironman unfortunately should be capitalized, as it is a trademarked proper noun. The fact that I don\’t really like what has been done with the brand bugs me,but it\’s beyond the scope of the capitalization 😀

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