Real Pain in the Butt

Today my final 800m repeat was slowed by a pain in the butt. Me–both literally and figuratively.

I really did have a pain in the butt (my piriformis, to be precise), which caused me to have issues in my 5th and 6th repeats. It seemed to seize up some during my recovery, so when I’d start off running again, it would hurt until I got warm again. For the 6th one, it was very painful and didn’t seem to want to get better.

Here’s where pain-in-the-butt me came into play; I immediately wanted to quit. I was running slow through the first 400 and Coach Amy was at the half-way point there (we were on the road) and as I came by ‘way behind time, I said, “I’m having some issues.”  Coach replied, “You don’t have very far to go.”

I, of course, assumed I hadn’t made my point and grabbed my butt, again saying, “I’m having some issues,” to which Coach replied again, “You don’t have far to go.” I was giving up but she wasn’t about to let me.

So I finished and was glad I did, even though my time on the last one was horrid.

Mental toughness requires practice.

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    1. Re: Pain in the butt

      Stretching has worked wonders. This is another habit I\’m going to have to get (back) into. Thanks for sending me the email with some suggested stretches!

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