Gripe, Gripe, Gripe

Am I the only person who really dislikes swimming in a wet suit?

This has got to be my least favorite thing about the tri training thus far. Hauling it, getting into it, getting out of it, even swimming in it — the pain-in-the-ass factor is about a 7 on a scale of 10.

Gripe, gripe, gripe.

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I know I am not a true triathlete but a runner (with runner mentality) trying a (big) tri…I love the freedom of being able to run at the drop of a hat with very little preparation, forethought, and/or equipment. Give me a pair of running shoes and a jog bra and I can run almost anywhere; I used to always carry a change of clothes with me so if I had an opportunity present itself, I could just do a car change and take off.

I think at some level I am merely balking at another layer of gear and planning. There is so much crap in my car: run/bike/pool shoes, different sets of clothes, miscellaneous bike stuff, swim gear, blah blah blah. It’s getting easier to put it all together, though, and I have to admit I am feeling more organized lately. And to be perfectly honest, I remember how I felt about all the trail junk at first, having to haul your own food and water and emergency bathroom stuff…yeah, I griped about that, too.

Bottom line: Stop your bellyaching, leahruns!

Week 5: IM Training Totals

Swim = 2:05
Bike =   3:21
Run =   3:33
Total     8:59

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0 thoughts on “Gripe, Gripe, Gripe

  1. Swimming was speedos and goggles: $36.
    Running was shoes, socks, shorts, T: $136.
    Biking is bike, inner tubes, tires, foot-pump, CO2, shoes, comfy sofa shorts, shirt, arm-warmers, glasses, brain bucket, flat-kit, cell-phone, money: $X036.
    (Oh, I can\’t resits: training for a stretch goal: priceless!)

    You _will_ get used to the wetsuit easily by the time your \”cost per swim\” hits $10 (your wetsuit cost divided by how many times you\’ve swum in it:)

    So you\’re OK with all the bike crap you have to haul around? That\’s good! (or are you leaving that for a subsequent \”gripe, gripe, gripe, … gripe\” post:)

    But: Bottom line=Stop your bellyaching, leahruns!
    Actually, no need to, whatever gets you through the day, right?

    I don\’t, but I notice folks use body glide to get into a wetsuit on areas they have sticking issues with. Similarly, Body Glide on the outside? of the legs to assist in removal? (is that right? I don\’t do that either). And Coach Jen this weekend showed me a trick with a plastic bag over my foot to step into — and through — the wetsuit leg more easily. Maybe there are a couple of little tricks like those that might help?

    1. Oh, and get out of it while it still has that layer of water in it between it and you. If you wait for that to drain out — I.e. you get out, stand around chatting for 2 mins, feeling the warm water flow over your feet — you\’ve lost your lube! (I can\’t hink of a non-smirking way to say that!). Alternatively, take if off up in the shower. Taking it off asap works nicely with exiting the pool via the ramp and practicing your race swim exit …

  2. I can spell, yes I can

    I meant…buoyant! I had to delete my other post because of the spelling…doh.
    Leah, you know you enjoy watching me wiggle and giggle while putting that damned thing on. I do just fine right up until the ASS and hips and then I\’m sunk. Maybe whyiron can give me some clues there and they better not be to go on a diet. 🙂
    I think we\’re quite entertaining on the side of the pool wiggling into the damned things.
    Sausage making.

    1. Re: I can spell, yes I can

      Getting out of it is more important than in, right? I mean, that\’s \”on the clock\” in a race, time charged against either the swim or T1 time. So make sure it shimmies off nicely. Still, at CdA they\’ll have someone strip you … just make sure your under-togs are nailed down!

      It sounds like wiggling and giggling is the right thing to do. Can you pull it up into a wedgie before rolling it higher … ?

      Hmmm, can you post a YouTube of you both doing this so that we can picture what is happening …? (where are those pool-deck web-cam CCTV cameras when you need them?)

  3. So don\’t swim in a wetsuit. I\’ve been in Austin for 16-months now and never worn mine for training. I ONLY swim at Barton Springs. Yes its cold when you first get in, don\’t stand around, get in and get started. Don\’t stop at the end of lengths, a quick breather and keep going.

    I won\’t wear my wetsuit in races less than HIM, I wore one last year for two olympic distance races in Texas and am not really sure why. Yes, you\’ll swim fractionally faster, but how quick can you get it off?

    Triathlon is full of clones, where rumor becomes fact – wetsuit=faster. Be different, do what you need, do work works for you, do what makes you feel good and your races will be as good as they can be. There is nothing worse than doing what everyone else does and finishing 2-minutes slower than last year… Bike shoes? Try some pyro platforms, bike in your running shoes, take the stress out of T2, be fast, be fluid! Don\’t listen to the cycling weenies who\’ll convince you their shoes are better.

    oh, yes, don\’t do bodyglide, more triathlon clones, go to Marshals or TJ Maxx, find some discount body butter. It lubes, it smells great and its water soluable and is easily washed off clothes. Cocoa body butter… hmm, slap it on!

    Be different, be you, be a runner taking part in triathlon!

    1. Thanks all.

      The Barton Springs post-long run swims are merely wet suit practice for me right now–I gotta practice it somewhere relatively convenient where I won\’t have heat stroke doing it. lol

      I am only messing with the wet suit as the water temperature at Coeur d\’Alene Ironman is cold, so I figure I need to practice in what may be a necessary option. My smart coach told me to give the sleeves another try or two and then to simply swim in what feels comfortable for me. So why bother with the sleeves at all? Because I want to be able to show up at CdA, test the water in the days preceeding the race, and know that I can choose either a sleeved or sleeveless wet suit top and be comfortable. I actually like swimming in just my sleeveless top (well, I have on a suit underneath).

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