Exhaustion and Bike Hunt, Final Episode

I am toast today. Several nights of not enough sleep plus days of non-stop running from one thing to another plus workouts have wiped me out.

Cycling Time Trail

I’m trying to really work hard on the quality workouts, and yesterday’s was a time trial out on South MoPac. I pushed as hard as I could…there might’ve been a drop or two left in the tank, but I’m not sure. I love workouts that leave you drained but then I had hours of stuff to do afterwards ending with a late night due to picking up kids after a concert. And this morning was an early wake up followed by (you guessed it) non-stop running around.

This makes me a little scared of April and May, when IM training is going to be hot and heavy.

And the Bike Is…

BUT I have a bike!! Yes, dear readers, I bought one. I took the Guru Strada to our quality workout and put her through her paces on the time trial. It was heaven and so I made the decision to end the search and make her my own. The folks at Nelo’s tricked her out for me and had her all ready this afternoon, in time for my ride tomorrow.

Because I’m taking girl child to Nacogdoches for her music school audition, I will have my long bike ride tomorrow morning. I think this is going to be another weekend where I don’t feel like I get any rest.

Maybe I will sleep in as much as possible Saturday morning at the hotel.

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