Good Days

Man, I don’t know what it’s been but yesterday and today have been really, really good days.

Life is Good

I think a large part of it has to do with wrassling the house into submission on Monday. There are no dirty clothes piled up waiting to be washed, the main area of the house has no kid crap strewn all about, and the refrigerator and pantry got cleaned, organized and restocked. It’s so pleasant to walk into the house and not feel like somebody dropped a 2-ton anvil on my shoulders.

Workouts Rock

My workouts have been wonderful. Yesterday was strength training, a short run, and a swim set of 10×100 with RI of :30 seconds. Those workouts rocked (well, except that my run was actually a dog walk–a brisk dog walk–since I did something weird to my knee while housecleaning. It’s fine now.).

Then today was a quality workout on the bike. Hill repeats. Into a horrible wind the entire way up. Dear me, I thought my heart would burst out of my chest a la Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (except without the bad guy reaching in and ripping it out.  I guess more like the little alien bursting out of assorted people in Alien)–even the recovery was kind of difficult because the wind then was coming from the side and I thought, at 30mph, I just might get blown over. But I lived! And triumphed! It wasn’t pretty but who said this stuff would be pretty? I channelled my inner Lance and used that hideously fierce grimace he has going up some Tour d’France hill. Works for Lance, must be OK for me.

And I managed to bump my cadence up another 4rpms over our ride last Friday. Good stuff!

Another factor in this good feeling has got to be getting a handle on the final things to be done to our new house so it’s ready to hit the rental market. And I have managed to walk and exercerise the dog in and around my own schedule (he got to spend an hour at the doggie park in the creek just a short time ago). Plus I did my civic duty and was part of the caucus last night for the first time ever. I’m getting ready to get cleaned up and head to Georgetown for my son’s soccer game…what a great day to sit outside.

Lots of good things. Almost too many to count.

OH!  I stopped by Jack&Adams to tell Drew and Thomas that I had bought a bike and wouldn’t need to try out the road bike that had recently come in. Drew was so wonderful, and I thanked him/them (Thomas was out) for all the help they gave me in the process. Drew took a look at my bike and told me she was a good one, that somebody’d be riding that frame 20 years from now (hopefully it’s me) and that I’d gotten good components and been set up well.

Aaahhh, what a bunch of nice guys!  Very classy.  xoxoxoxo

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