Making Every Minute Count

So this Ironman schedule is forcing me into a kind of super organization. I can’t just “get around to” my workouts; I have to think about what I’m doing when, where I’ll be doing it, what I need to have with me, and where I might be going before/afterwards. And this is all spilling over into life itself. I seem to be getting a whole lot more done during the days.

Take today for instance.

I got up and puttered before leaving the house to meet Cathy at the Town Lake Y (of course, I had organized my bag and laid out my clothes for the day the night before). We did a speedy 30+ minute run and then headed inside to do strength training. Because we’re all about good nutrition…really, we’re all about a little break to gab and eat…we took some time to have a snack and then went to the locker room to change into swim stuff. Off to the pool, where we managed to snag a lane together. Both of us had our swim books propped up at the end of the lane, and we completed an endurance workout. Woot!

Quick rinse off, phone call in the car to make sure my girl is heading off to her play practice, and then I drove home where I had a nice lunch. Threw the dog in the car to pay a visit to the new house, do a little clipping, sweep, check things over after last night’s storm, and then came back home. The rest of the afternoon was spent working in the yard, clipping, raking, weeding, and playing with the dog while getting it all done. And now it’s time to make some dinner.

I think I feel a bit guilty about how much time the workout stuff takes so I feel bad about any down time once I’m done with the exercise stuff. We’ll see how long I can keep it up.

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