Holy smokes.  Right now, I feel like somebody should be shaking my shoulder, saying, “Leah, Leah–wake up–you’ve been dreaming.” Did last week really happen?!?

We’re back home. There’s a lot to process but rest assured you will see a QUITE lengthy race report popping up in a few days. But first, I have to get some really important things said:

To anybody who rode with me, slogged along, swam, and/or pushed me out the door to a workout, thank you so much. I couldn’t have finished without those six months of workout after workout after workout. You folks ROCK.

For my buddies who sent encouragement, spectated (there and here), and sent good vibes my way throughout the day, you really made me feel loved.

My wonderful, wonderful coach and friend Amy:  you put it all together and ALWAYS believed I could do it. What a gift! Thank you for sharing this (and yourself) with me.

Cathy, my best friend and the best training partner anyone could ever have–we really did it! Rock on, mama.

And most of all, thank you to my wonderful, beautiful, loving family. Nothing has ever meant more to me than that group hug in the finish area–nothing. I couldn’t have done it without you.

I love you all.

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0 thoughts on “I AM AN IRONMAN!

  1. Congratulations, IronLeah! Matt and I were without internet access all weekend, but we were desperately driving around East Jordan, MI (tiny town) trying to find someone who left their WiFi unsecured so we could \”borrow\” it and find out how you guys were doing. No luck. But very generously passed on updates to my sporadicly-serviced cell phone, so I could be there with you guys as much as possible.

    I\’m so happy to have gotten to be part of your journey, and I hope we can continue to train together for whatever\’s next, and for your next Ironman. 🙂

    Now I will begin waiting impatiently for a race report!

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