First Exercise after IM

I tell you, I LOVE this sleeping in, getting up, and having nowhere I “have” to be and nothing I “have” to do.

Yesterday, the hubby and dog and I went down to Lady Bird Lake Trail and had a lovely stroll, made even more lovely by running into Jess and Amy, who gave me sweaty hugs (how long can I milk this whole IM thing?!? lol). Afterward, we grabbed a taco at Torchy’s. I was a bit disappointed because I’d intended to pick up Clementine from Jack & Adam’s but forgot they didn’t open until noon. The hubby dropped me off at a friend’s store so I could lend a hand to help her pack up (her craft business is moving), and I wound up coming home with a lovely origami butterfly tree! My house is full of odds-and-ends types of arty things, and this just completed an empty shelf above our front door.

For those of you who are Guitar Hero geeks, I spent the afternoon playing the new Aerosmith GH with my son. Uh, “Sweet Emotion” is HARD; I see a lot of individual practice time with the tutorials in my future. That evening we went over to my folks, where I was able to show off all things IM-related to my extended family. They honestly enjoyed the highlights video, and at 10 minutes, it’s just about the right length for my little nephews to sit through. I, of course, could watch it on an endless loop.

My energy level is slowly coming back to normal. My family is anxious for me to get back to exercising so I quit coming up with household projects. Sorry, but no — I will be focusing on home over exercise for the next month. There will be major room cleaning in your future!

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