Random Thoughts and Pondering

  •  I have too many things I want to do — too many races, projects, goals. There doesn’t seem to be enough time. I’m already thinking into 2010 for races and got frustrated that the ACA calendar didn’t have rides up for August through October. Patience, patience.
  • We’re organizing for a huge garage sale with my sister-in-law’s family. How do we accumulate so much stuff? I’m a big purger and one who tries very hard to reuse instead of replace, but we have a lot of things (kid stuff, clothes, electronics, BOOKS) that need a new home.
  • What is it with WEIGHT? I don’t understand how some people can be sedentary their whole lives, decide to walk for 30 minutes a day, cut back on sodas, and miraculously lose 5,000 pounds…when I can work out like a fiend, cut out sodas and alcohol and as many processed foods as possible, watch the amount I eat, and barely eek out a 5-pound loss over six months. It’s like my body refuses to let go of anything extra. I’ll never forget the doctor who, before I figured out my thyroid wasn’t up to speed, telling me that obviously I just needed to cut a 100 calories here and there because it was a simple matter of calories in/calories out, and me incredulously asking, “Do you not understand what I do?” He didn’t believe me, and I found a new doctor fast.
  • Does your body remember speed? Because I haven’t practiced speed in years, I don’t go very fast. Will it come back? How long will it take? How much will come back? I am more afraid of laying it on the line and going for a time goal than I am about attempting endurance stuff. In other words, I’d have more trouble with shooting for a certain mile time than attempting a 100-miler. Wacky. Oh, well — I’m going to practice speed and I’m going to have my fastest marathon in years. There; I said it.
  • I really want to ride my bike a lot. Coach Amy is laughing her ass off right now as she reads this. Cathy and I are going to get ready for Longhorn Half IM, and that bike ride just seems so fun and doable right now, whereas last year, I was scared to death — I can’t wait to hit it this year!
  • I’m looking forward to the fishing trip with the hubby and son while we’re at the extended family vacation in Port Aransas. I hope I catch a redfish; those things put up a fight, and that’s fun. Actually, I’m not picky; I just hope I catch something.
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  1. On the weight thing – let me know when you figure it out! Whenever I train hard (like for IM) I gain tons of weight.

    I\’m also trying to go for speed. Come run track with us sometime. We usually do it Tuesday morning but did the loop instead today.

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