Uh, I Got Tagged!

So my friend Sadie tagged me (sadiesrun.blogspot.com um, I think I did that right…I often need assistance with the ways of the technology) and I’ll play:

Here’s how this all works –
*Link the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog
*Share seven random/weird facts about yourself
*tag seven other people and link to them at the end of your blog
*let each person know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment

Seven random things about me:
1. I managed to graduate from The University of Texas in 3.5 years without ever taking a math class.
2. Electronic things don’t work right around me (no, really; I kill watches, phones, all kinds of stuff with my mere presence.)
3. I have been an elected official; I served on the Volente Volunteer Fire Department Board of Directors.
4. I had never ridden a bike with gears until I trained for Danskin Women’s Triathlon in, oh, somewhere around 2004.
5. The two things in the world that gross me out the most are cockroaches and anything having to do with eyes.
6. I do the New York Times crossword puzzle everyday, religiously, in pen, preferably blue.
7. The smell of pickled jalapenos makes me salivate. A lot.

I tag:  crabbyoldjaws , whyiron , cruisergirl , shubbe , xomox , stephbondhuie , mizmizuno because it will be fun to read random things about each of you!

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