Turning Up Like a Bad Penny

Have you ever had dealings with someone who is really nasty and you avoid like the plague, but who pops up every so often to ruin your day? I have someone like that. A bad penny.

Marshall Burt.

If you’re familiar at all with the old RunTex forum, you know Marshall Burt. I got into it a long time ago with him originally because of posts he made about breast cancer (of all things, on a running forum). My dad had breast cancer; not only was Burt posting offensive mis-information but he was misleading people about his background, which has nothing to do with anything medical. When I called him repeatedly on this, I made his shit list.

It never got better and in fact, got a lot worse.

I thought my dealings with him had ended with the death of the RunTex forum. Burt had taken to attacking posters he had “issues” with at their place of business, and I was no exception. Except my place of business had ties to RunTex and, when what was happening got brought to Paul Carroza and Donnie O’Neal’s attention, something was done.

Burt got tossed out, the old forum shut down, and I vowed to myself to never go within shouting distance (physically or electronically) of this wackjob again. Honestly, his vows of getting back at people “by any means possible” had scared me enough to consult with a friend on the police force.

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that he’s after me again. Evidently, something is going on between the Austin Runners Club (or David Mitchell–I think the two are one and the same to Burt) and Marshall Burt and his friend Allan Besselink over on the ARC forum.

I have no idea; I haven’t been an ARC member since I was the newsletter editor ‘way back a few years ago and do not read that forum–not being a member, I’m not even sure I can read all of it. Somehow, Burt has decided that I’m part of the ARC that is “persecuting” him and Besselink, and there is a giant diatribe on Allan’s website. I’m mentioned by name (albeit misspelled), along with several other people. And then he goes on about several doctors in town being incompetent.

So I sent Besselink a note asking him to remove the incorrect, false, and inflammatory statements about me from his website. I got back a thinly veiled snarky note questioning what I found false or offensive about the “one sentence” he found. I didn’t know it was possible for my eyes to roll quite that much, but they did; I sent back a note pointing out how the “one sentence” was incorrect and that the entire linkage of me to ARC was incorrect. We’ll see what happens but I do not have hopes for any fair (or even nice) treatment.

The irony in all this is that I have never had a bad interaction with Allan Besselink. I have a friend who trains with him, my husband saw him as a PT, and I have worked with him on a professional level when I was at Rogue Training Systems.

Why he gives me less than the courtesy I have ever given him is a mystery.

Dammit, I hate this shit.

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Published by Leah Nyfeler

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0 thoughts on “Turning Up Like a Bad Penny

  1. Okay I have to laugh at one part of this. When you started describing the bad penny thing, the first person who came to mind was David Mitchell. How unsurprising that his name ended up in the post even though the bad penny in particular is Marshall Burt.

    How shitty that Marshall Burt is up to no good again. He (and others) totally ruined a good community that was the former RunTex forum.

    1. Oh, it IS hilarious. Marshall has me and David in cahoots, running amok with ARC power. Good Lord.

      You\’re so right in that my other bad penny is David Mitchell. I had a friend tell me a while back that David was saying I was leading some scheme about the Daisy 5K. I was like, WTF? I had no idea my powers were so great and varied.

      But in the end, all these idiotic rumors do hurt.

      1. yeah, I never was too crazy about the Runtex forums because those bad pennies. Allan was my first triathlon coach type person, he used to meet with the Triathlon Club at UT (weekly, at no charge), and I liked him then, but never quite understood his connection with obvious Runtex forum wackjob Marshall Burt.

        In my opinion, I think Marshall\’s forum activities did/do more to make him look like a total jackass instead of making any useful or critical points. \”forum turf warrior\”??? please. I\’m not going to take anything he writes after that very seriously. He spent way too much time thinking that up to be credible as a coach or advice-giver or whatever the hell he thinks his \”business\” is. Plus, his connection to Allan in his Runtex forum posts sort of cast some doubt on Allan\’s credibility to me. But that\’s OK, no coach is perfect. Except maybe Jamie and Andrea 😉

    1. Re: Want to piss off a wack job?

      I agree with the \”just ignore them\” tactic to an extent (and follow it religiously with ARC and Marshall Burt) but, while that is effective in person and in social situations, I think with written things on the web it allows the person to put forth lies as truth.

      I got Allan to remove my name from the post. While I didn\’t address anyone other than myself, he also removed the other names. And he removed the stuff about Spears and Sellers being incompetent.

      I think this goes to show that Allan (while still hinting at \”conspiracy\” and such like in his correspondence to me) actually lives in the real world and not just in the Marshall Burt world.

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