Harmony and Disharmony

We had a wonderful time going to see our daughter’s performance at Nacogdoches. It’s great because she so obviously loves what she is doing, which is music, music, music. She plays in three different ensembles; the concert we went to hear was the Orchestra of the Pines, which is the orchestra with the faculty. It’s a great honor for her to be a part of that.

Oh, it sounded fabulous! There were some great pieces. Lots of John Williams. I don’t know how the horns made it through the “Star Wars” stuff at the end, because it’s full of majestic, sweeping French horn parts, and they’d been playing for two hours by then!

Worn Out Without Reason

I’m having a hard time with the way I feel. It makes me angry and frustrated. I did absolutely nothing Wednesday (and I mean nothing), the 4-mile loop broken into two parts on Thursday (with an hour rest in the middle), absolutely nothing Friday, a very miserable two miles on Saturday morning, and nothing Sunday. The frustrating issue is that, unless it’s a really bad day where I know from the get-go that I can’t function, I don’t know whether or not I can do anything until I go out and try.

This morning, for example:  I feel fine. I feel rested. I’ve done nothing strenous for days. If it were a normal me, I’d have a good, refreshing run today.

Normal people might even have a faster than usual run, especially if they did something easy. So I went out to the greenbelt and stayed on the Super Highway. Felt great starting out; I reminded myself that I’ve felt bad, so I took it real easy. I did not even break a sweat or breathe hard; I’m just moving, enjoying the moment. And I get slower and slower and slower…and then I’m tapped. 30 minutes, max.

It’s like a bonk, except my heart rate never goes up, I never work hard, I haven’t used anything up to begin with. I just have nothing to make my legs go. My arms and legs are heavy and sometimes, it’s all I can do to walk. But most days, I’ll feel fine once I quit. I just can’t do anything remotely physical without getting tired again. I have no reserves.

I had some really great runs the other week and felt like my old self. I’ll do blood work again on Friday. Sheesh.

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