Life is GOOD!

It’s been awhile since I wrote, and that’s a good thing. I’ve been having fun, taking care of myself, and generally being in a good and happy place.

I ran the Zooma Half Marathon with my friend Stephanie–it was her third half marathon this year (actually, her third in four months)…she just ran her first half marathon ever last year! It was wonderful of her to hang with me, as I was coming off of the really bad period of no running and being sick and whatnot. I was very happy with the race; it’s just a bench mark, because we’re definitely going back next year and SMOKING that thing! I liked the course. It’s hard enough that those who have trained well will reap the benefits, and I like that kind of race.

Got my thyroid meds worked out, it seems.  ‘m an inbetween dose–I take one amount on some days and another amount on others. I’ve been feeling good. And the depression went out the window when my body got back to itself. It’s so nice to get up and welcome the day and feel right with the world.

The best thing is being back to coaching. I am blessed with a very nice group of women getting ready for sprint triathlons, and the organization (Tri Zones Training) is wonderfully supportive of its coaches and helpers. I’ve never had so much positive feedback. I’m assisting Coach Jen Reinhart, who is a great athlete and a super lady.

I’m looking forward to running with my friends and being back on the trails. Once the end of the school year is behind me, I’ll be back to my old ways. I even have some goals that I’ll state:  San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll Marathon with my good buddy and then Palo Duro Canyon 50K for a new 50K PR. Woot!

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      You are exactly right–I flipped them. We\’re going to overdistance in our prep for Rock \’n Roll, and Palo Duro is just such a wonderful, beautiful race.

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