Impatient Patient

It’s funny; I thought that the running would come back quicker that the reality.

On Thursday, it will have been six weeks since my surgery. I had this idea that when I got the all-clear for any exercise (which is at the six weeks mark), I’d simply be a little rusty. My doctor friend Stephanie laughed last week when I was talking about this and said, “Athletes are all the same. They are impatient patients.”

Swimming has felt REALLY good. Every time I go, I’m reminded how much I love being in the water. The group I’m swimming with has a shorter workout (it’s an hour), and the coach does a great job of making individual comments and mixing up the workouts. Last  night, she helped me with my head position, which makes a huge difference in my speed. I’m already bummed that I’m essentially going to have to miss the month of July, what with all our family obligations (trips and whatnot). Maybe I can squeeze in enough workouts here and there to not miss the month.

Yesterday was the first day I’d gotten on my bike. Surprisingly, it did not feel appreciably different. I think it would be quite the opposite if I hadn’t been riding on such a flat course, because bike is all legs and core. Thank goodness it was flat!  But I definitely want to trot Clementine out for some more workouts on South MoPac.

The running, however, is taking some time and, ironically, it’s all I’m really focused on doing. The other sports are just for fun; there is no triathlon in my near future. I got the nod last week to run/walk–as long as I kept my heart rate below 140–and it’s been a workout. I can do most of the 3-mile loop at a very slow pace. The heat has had a lot to do with the heart rate; on one really hot, muggy day last week, walking was all I could do and keep my heart rate down. These cool days have been awesome! I’m going to treat myself to St. Ed’s here in a little while. I have been walking out there, but today will be the first real run.

I am planning on doing the Loop trail race, which is two weeks away on the 31st. I love that race. It’s a little bit (no, a lot of bit) of adjustment to mentally be happy with doing the 10K and doing it slowly. But I’m on schedule with my overall master plan, and that’s what really matters.

Try Zoners are interested in having the trail runs come back and I’m itching to do them. I just need to get back to where I can comfortably run for an hour and then they’re on. I also want to make the Hill Country Trail Runners Wednesday night and Sunday morning runs a regular occurance.

I just have to be patient. It’s not far away at all.

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