Last night, I went to the HCTR’s Wednesday night club run, led by my friend Marcia.

It was a fairly large group and there were people I knew there:  my friend Stephanie (it was her birthday! Happy B-Day again, Stephanie!), and folks I’d met in previous training groups (like Charlene and Bob). New faces, too. We took off and I knew I was letting my happiness at being there take me faster than normal when I hit the bottom of the HOL in just a bit over five minutes. And for the next segment, I was running with Charlene which I know shouldn’t happen. Time to back off — and the Hill of Death presented itself then, so I did. Whew!

Happiness on The Trail

Photo of storm clouds at Barton Creek greenbelt at dusk.
Storm clouds over the Barton Creek greenbelt highlight the Hill of Life at dusk.

It was hot and muggy but it felt like heaven to be out there. The group was wonderful about waiting at turns. I knew the trail we took next but I’m bad at knowing whatever names “the regulars” call them — was it Bologna? It’s been in the Belt 30K trail race every year I’ve ever done it, and I remembered hitting it with Marcia in the infamous chafing incident run.

It’s rocky and uphill, so I powered along and chatted a bit with Jason. We came up to what I call the rock clearing (called “moonscape,” I’m told) and there was my buddy Abe! No telling where he’d come from — I guess he showed up late and just took off doing the powerline, so we intersected — but he joined in. It was so nice to be on the trail with him again. Abe took me on my first powerline run. We got caught up on some life stuff until he moved on ahead.

We wandered around the Shady Loop and came back in across the dam. I admit I sauntered up the HOL; I was tired by then. Abe, Stephanie, and I had a cold beer at my car afterwards, always a great end to a trail run.

My road run early this morning was slow and plodding. But I got ‘er done. And I will certainly be back for more Wednesday night runs.

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  1. It was great to see you back on the trail … so glad you could finally make it to a Wednesday run!


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