Trusting Myself

Yep, my thyroid medication is off. It’s like someone has to hit me over the head with it–I knew it, yet I did not trust myself. Numbers comfirmed that I had a big swing in my T4, and so my doctor is doing some checking and adjusting. I’ll do some more blood work here over the next week that will help shed some light. And I pick up a new prescription.

I like my doctor and I trust him. He does a good job of answering all my questions and addressing my concerns, and he never, ever brushes anything off. In a month, we may make a big change to my medication, and I had to bring up to him my concern over how this might impact my race, Palo Duro Canyon 50K, which is October 17. I told him I didn’t want to be jacking around with things and potentially causing problems. While he recognized my concern, he also pointed out that, with the right medication, I could be fixing problems and running better. Hmmm. Yeah, that’s true.

Night Running on the Trail

On a different note, a friend (Jason) put together an unusual Tuesday evening workout. Jason has been hosting a Tuesday night run for friends that, so far, I have had to miss each week for some reason or another. But THIS workout started at 8:30PM–a night run! There was nothing keeping me from this whatsoever; my son had soccer practice and my hubby was at a fun activity of his own. Wahoo! I was on this like a duck on a June bug.

I haven’t done much night running at all. In fact, most of the running in the dark I’ve done is in the early morning, where you start out dark but it quickly gets lighter. I’ve had some night runs out at Bandera, but those were a couple of years ago…and under starry skies and big moons. This was going to start out dark and get darker down amongst the trees on the greenbelt. Turns out that three of us (me, Jason, and Jeanette) showed up.

Oh, it was just wonderful! We took off, and it was surprisingly easy to run. The three of us stayed together. We did a little bit of spooking each other with some spirit/entity/demon/haunting/death talk, but it was fun in a “scary stories at camp” kind of way.

Man, we BOOKED! We did 6 miles, complete with some stopping and talking, in 1:12, which is fairly fast for the trail during the day. At least, it is for me…I think my 10K trail loop PR is about 1:12. I never felt like I was running hard or pushing it; it all felt surprisingly effortless. We all felt that way.

I think there was good energy amongst us, and that manifested itself in a combined good run.

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