Goodbye, 2009

Last year, a friend challenged me to list 10 things I was proud of doing over the year. It was embarrassingly hard to do…not really because there aren’t things that I’m proud of but because that’s something that’s hard in hindsight to keep track of. If you don’t do it at the time, it’s lost. And often, in hindsight, I cheat things by thinking, “Oh, somebody else wouldn’t think that’s worth being proud of.” Well, that’s not the point…these should be things that made me proud, regardless of what weight the rest of the world assigns them.

I told myself I’d make a mental note throughtout 2009 of things I was proud of and I did. I am proud of myself for:

1. patiently coming back from illness (thyroid-related and flu) and surgery
2. running with my friend Stephanie on several of her half marathon adventures (half of the Austin Half and Zooma)
3. organizing a celebration for my friend Cathy’s 5-year cancer-free anniversary
4. successfully completing my third 50K race
5. running a marathon-length (or better) run each weekend for three weeks in October
6. helping my friend Marcia complete her first 100-mile race, pacing her during her final 25 miles
7. meeting the goals I set for starting my book (completing an outline and at least one chapter)
8. attending my daughter’s horn recitals in Nacogoches and my son’s cross country meets around Austin
9. finding time regularly to keep my friend Dano company
10. stretching myself to expand the group of people I do things with and to say “yes” more often than “no” to social invitations

There are other things but these are the first 10 that came to mind. It’s funny how when you make an effort to notice these things, you give yourself more of a pat on the back each time one registers.

It’s a nice feeling.

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    1. Oh, wow! See what I mean about letting stuff get away from you? I am EXTREMELY proud of my efforts with the TriZone Danskin group. Watching you all come up that hill, on the way to successfully completing (for most) your first triathlon, was a pure mom-moment. Thanks for reminding me!

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