Woot! Good News on Food Allergies

Got the call back from the allergy doc today, and I was negative on all the various other foods they tested. So the big ones I have to avoid with workouts are (from worst to least) wheat, peanut, orange, and soybean (it turns out milk is ok.) I fired off a note to Meredith, and I know we’ll be getting together soon and she’ll have lots of run-day food options for me. Right now, the pre-run breakfast of choice is a scrambled egg with nopalitos and 2 corn tortillas.

I test drove my new pack Sunday at St. Eds with my friend Stacey. I never throw anything out, and I had a larger waist pack in a bin — I’d gotten it several years ago when Tracy and I did Urban Challenge and we had TONS of crap to carry around Miami. My ginormous dual EpiPen fit right in along with my rapid dissolve Benadryl…and I still had a pocket for food and what not. Once I put it on, I pretty much forgot it was there. It was also comforting to be out there for the first time with somebody who has a health background; in fact, Stacey made me laugh when she said, “Oh, I’d have no problem using that big ole EpiPen on you!”

It will be more of an irritant when it’s summer and I’m wearing the big Camelbak, too. But maybe I just need to shop for a different pack and rethink my pockets. Or I need to go to two hand-helds at the same time for awhile; the problem is the length of the EpiPens really limits where they can be carried. Plus, the dork factor in all this is rather high (who wears a huge fanny pack for a short road run, for example?) but I’d rather look like a dork while running than not get to run.

Sunday morning at St. Eds was great. We did the park-to-park route and I ran it a bit faster than I’ve been doing on my own. It was cold enough at the start that, when we stopped at the fence at Forest Ridge halfway through to snack a bit, steam was coming off her shirt and my gloves. There was even someone there to check our permits, a nice guy who was trying to catch people before they went into the park rather than nabbing them inside and forcing a fine. It was a lovely morning and gave my spirits a real boost.


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