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Today, we hit Wilke for repeats. As I went up for the second one, Coach Gilbert ran over next to me and told me I needed to pick my knees up more, that my hamstrings were too tight and I wasn’t engaging my quads enough. Argh. It made quite a difference and wore me out; the third repeat was tough.

After the repeats, we had backward hills. On the first one, Gilbert stopped me again. My form wasn’t right and, again, I wasn’t engaging the proper muscles. He actually got in front of me as I ran backwards, pushing on my quads to show how I needed to be moving.

Striding the correct way was exhausting and by the end, my legs were quivering.

After the backwards hills, we had sprints. As he’d promised, the sprints felt easier because my hamstrings were looser…but I was tired. And hot.

It was hell.

After the workout, a group of us started to head back together. I let them go on ahead because I had to walk most of the 2.5 miles back to RunTex; my legs were wet noodles.



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