Sharing Austin’s Good via #AmplifyATX

People get into blogging or journalism – any sort of writing, really – to share. Ultimately, putting word to paper (or in this digital age, screen) is all about communication.

Primarily, writers want to tell something.

I especially like to share helpful, useful information that can impact a life. As editor in chief at Austin Fit Magazine, I took my platform very seriously and worked hard to bring stories that reached across a variety of groups, interests, and abilities to promote a healthier, more active lifestyle.

That focus on platform is a little bit like being an evangelical preacher. You want to solicit an “amen” out of the congregation, a responding “hallelujah.”

Sharing the Word on ATX Nonprofits

As a freelancer, I often work with The Austinot, a hyper-local online publication. It’s a great platform to continue that preaching, especially by profiling and praising Austin’s many nonprofits. My information sharing gives back to the city I love in two ways: helping organizations become better known and introducing readers to resources.

Sharing a story that does good makes my heart sing.


March 8–9 is #AmplifyATX, a full day of philanthropic focus. Created by I Live Here, I Give Here in 2013, #AmplifyATX is a hyper-focused timeline – just 24 hours.

The idea was to create a real buzz around and focus on raising funds for many of Central Texas’ nonprofits.This year, ILHIGH aims to raise $9 million in the hours between 6 p.m. on March 8 and 6 p.m. on March 9.

More than 600 nonprofits registered to participate in #AmplifyATX, and would-be donors can search for their favorite 501c3 public charities via the online index.

Sure, anyone can make a donation anytime, so why focus on one 24-hour period? Well, dollars can go farther during #AmplifyATX due to sponsors who match donated funds. And back to that buzz: it’s a great way to build interest and encourage new involvement – in fact, 41% of last year’s donations were first-time gifts.

Sharing the Word on ATX Nonprofits

I’ve enjoyed writing about several special charities for The Austinot. Here’s a list of those stories in case you’re curious and would like to read more; just click on the titles. If one of these speaks to you in some way, I’m glad to have shared.

And please don’t hesitate to reach out about some Austin-based group you think would make an excellent story. It would be my pleasure to share.

Anthropos Arts Photo Collage

“Free Workout Day with Musical Performances to Support Local Students” (nonprofit involved is Anthropos Arts)


Austin Skyline
Looking at Austin’s skyline from the eastside loop, near Longhorn Dam.


“Make Lady Bird Lake’s Eastside Loop Your Go-To Route” (nonprofit involved is The Trail Foundation)


Waller Creek Show 2015
Light installation at 2015 Waller Creek Show.

“Waller Creek Conservancy Lights Up Downtown Austin” (nonprofit involved is Waller Creek Conservancy)


E.A.S.T. 2015
Due EAST, shown here, is the annual fundraiser and kickoff to the tour.

“Austin’s Artists Open Doors for Annual East Austin Studio Tour” (nonprofit involved is Big Medium)


New Violet Crown Trailhead, near Hwy. 290.

“Step-by-Step Guide to Austin’s Long Anticipated Violet Crown Trail” (nonprofit involved is Hill Country Conservancy)


Now, this one doesn’t seem to be on the list, but maybe I’ve missed the connection:

Blue Lapis Light
Dancers with Blue Lapis Light practice indoors before their site-specific performances.

“Arts, Athleticism Shine with Blue Lapis Light Performances”



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