Celebrating the 4th with Family

Bottle Tree

Sweet fresh peaches. Homemade ice cream. Corn on the cob. Birthday slices of watermelon. Tangy blackberry cobbler. Triple E BBQ. A sip of something cool.

Dinner in Southern Illinois

Warm wrap of a towel after a swim. Hypnotic sway of the hammock. Caress of an easy breeze. Hugs at hello and goodbye and in-between. Soft snuggles with a tired 4-year-old.

Queen Annes Lace

The sound of laughter and “Oh, I remember….” Babies babbling. A guitar, a dulcimer. Singing. Singing. Singing. The soft accompaniment of summer rain.

Betty Rademacher



Mown grass.

The green, earthy musk of the pond.

A fresh cup of coffee in the afternoon.

The frothy mix of dish soap and warm well water bubbling up from the kitchen sink.


A glimpse of deer across the field. Queen Anne’s lace and clover. Swooping birds, scattered by a squirrel’s single-minded pursuit of seed. The green of trees, reflected on glassy water. Brightly colored paper plates.

The nighttime magic of sparklers.

Sky-blue pink at sunset.

Father and Daughter

Family panorama

Happy 4th of July from southern Illinois & the Booth family.

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