What Happens When You Say ‘Yes’ to Travel

“Be careful what you wish for.”

Over a year ago, I set myself up for yes. In particular, saying yes to travel.

Being a freelancer, I have ultimate schedule flexibility; having an empty nest (sans our ancient cat), my spouse and I have great freedom. With these things in mind, Hubby took a new job that upgraded his responsibilities from national to worldwide.

Oh, my suitcases were packed before you could spell “destination.”

Oh, the Places I’ve Been!

Clouds viewed from American Airlines plane window on the way to St. Thomas USVI
Sky view, flight to St. Thomas, USVI.  Photo Credit: Leah Nyfeler

The new year is always a good time to take stock of the old. I was curious: Just how much had I traveled since making that commitment? So I looked back at 2017. Naturally, that meant I needed to review 2016 (you know,  to compare).

For a wordsy, left-brain kind of person, I sure love numbers, orderly data, and statistics. And for all my content creation, put me in front of Canva to craft up some images and I’m a very happy camper. Because I’ve been super busy (hello, Social Media Week Austin conference!) and am a terrible procrastinator, I decided to give up on the lengthy written summary and just say it with pictures. (Why, no–this image-heavy post has nothing to do with spending ‘way too much time doodling around on this snazzy infographic.)

Infographic of trips Leah Fisher Nyfeler took in 2016 and 2017

What Do Napa, Vancouver, Maryland, and Barcelona Have in Common?

View of Barcelona toward Sagrada Familia
Beautiful Barcelona cityscape. Photo Credit: Leah Fisher Nyfeler

Answer: These amazing trips all still deserve a recap. As you can see, I’m woefully behind on my travel writing and I’ve got an amazing trip ahead–Tokyo! With that destination in mind, I resolve to do better about sharing past and future adventures.

In the meantime, here are some of my travel adventures from the last two years.


Seattle: “Seattle in 72 Hours”

Orlando: “BlogHer 2017 Went A Lot Like My First Marathon”

St. John, USVI: “Riding Out the Storm with Books”

Boston: “Give Me Liberty and a Weekend in Boston Anytime”

Dallas: “Discover Katy Trail in Downtown Dallas”

Ann Arbor: “Ann Arbor Delivers a Christmas Frame of Mind”

Nebraska: “Time Traveling in Northwestern Nebraska” and “Morning Runs and Big Sky”

Destin: “Spending a Delightful Weekend at Destin’s Sugar Sand Beaches”

West Texas (Davis Mountains): “So You’re Hiking in West Texas…”

Illinois: “Celebrating the 4th with Family”

Seattle (again!): “Seattle on the Weekends”

North Carolina: “DFL, DNF, or DIM (Does It Matter?) at the Leatherwood Ultra”

Paris: “Love, Paris Marathon Style”

Skull that says "hola" from street art in Barcelona
Street art on the side of a building in Barcelona. Photo Credit: Leah Nyfeler




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