Are You Ready for the White Walkers?

Ah, but it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter waiting for Game of Thrones final season. And if you’re like me, it’s a bit hard to remember what’s going on. After all, the last episode aired on August 27, 2017, almost two years ago. Let’s face it: Remembering last week, let alone the machinations of seven kingdoms,… Continue reading Are You Ready for the White Walkers?

Seeing the Texas Border Situation from Afar

He asked the standard question at the museum ticket counter: “Where are you visiting from?” When I said, “The U.S.–Texas, specifically,” the Singaporean gentleman raised his eyebrows. “Oh! Texas!” he exclaimed. “Are you ready to go to war?” US News Overseas I didn’t know how much I needed a break from America’s toxic political sludge… Continue reading Seeing the Texas Border Situation from Afar

Fighter Jets and Heart Attacks

When the world feels out of order, I scan the refrigerator, select a recipe, and settle in with “My Favorite Murder” or some tunes, and cook. At this moment, I am writing. Writing is another way I work through intense feelings. In the past, I’d run things out over some hard miles but my body… Continue reading Fighter Jets and Heart Attacks

Spring Comes in February

The dark sky glowers. For the last few hours, fast melting sleet has peppered the ground. Mere days ago, I’d pulled on shorts and flung all the windows open, sweating when the night’s low hovered near 70 degrees. Texas weather changes abruptly, and and the needle on this particular February day has swung back toward… Continue reading Spring Comes in February

Soup’s On for Cold Winter Weather

Brrr! The North Pole is spilling its guts all over the U.S. You know it’s bad when cities like Chicago and Minneapolis, which are used to temperatures we in Austin don’t really believe exist, cancel school, set fire to railroad tracks (really!), and tell people to stay indoors. When the lows dip, I go for… Continue reading Soup’s On for Cold Winter Weather

Celebrating a Life with Moments of Grace

Snow crunched between asphalt and shoe tread, my breath muffled in the scratchy warmth of a wool wrap. For this Texas girl, six-plus inches and a morning temperature hovering at 10 degrees Fahrenheit were quite the novelty. I’d arrived in Illinois just prior to that mid-January snowfall. Each day, I eagerly bundled up for a… Continue reading Celebrating a Life with Moments of Grace

Best Black-Eyed Pea Recipe Ever

New Year’s Day. Odds are good you’re like me today: a little sleep deprived, a bit hung over, and optimistic about the new year. Who doesn’t want the next 365 to start off right from Day 1? That’s why I always serve black-eyed peas on January 1. While I grew up a native Texan, my… Continue reading Best Black-Eyed Pea Recipe Ever

The Flower Cap Cult

Like any self-respecting cult, ours has a charismatic leader. Our matching flower caps were her idea. We’re a loud bunch, anonymous in the dark. Because that’s when we dip into Austin’s Barton Springs pool. Before the sun rises, while the moon still watches; before dedicated swimmers knock out pre-work laps; before entrance fees are collected;… Continue reading The Flower Cap Cult

Getting Real with a Recipe

Don’t you love food porn? Those inspiring photos of well-executed steps and beautifully plated dishes. Pristine ingredients, colorful spices in tiny glass bowls, gorgeous gadgets of all sorts in perfectly appointed kitchens. Aaaah. I’m a sucker for a gorgeous cookbook, especially one chock-full of healthy recipes. Once we moved into a smaller house, I’ve controlled… Continue reading Getting Real with a Recipe

Getting to Know Cherrywood’s Artists

It’s not like I actively stalk my creative neighbors but damn if I don’t love meeting people in the ‘hood who make things. Take, for instance, the morning I was picking up a treat for my honey at Bennu Coffee. The friendly barista knew the apron-clad woman ordering after me and solicitously asked how work… Continue reading Getting to Know Cherrywood’s Artists