CSA Abundance (or What To Do With Those Beets)

People LOVE to tell me what to do with my vegetables. At the end of every season, when I’ve opened my Community Sponsored Agriculture (CSA) box and found yet another bunch of fill-in-the-blank-I’m-sick-of-this-vegetable, I turn to Facebook with a plaintive post, like this one: Invariably, my friends come through with a slew of really tasty… Continue reading CSA Abundance (or What To Do With Those Beets)

What Queso and Hummus Have in Common

My family loves queso. We eagerly sample the cheesy dip at any possible restaurant and rate accordingly. Factors such as color, consistency, spiciness, and additional ingredients are carefully weighed. Discussions ensue, arguments arise, factions result — there’s Mexican, interior Mexican, and Tex-Mex varieties to differentiate. And then there’s the whole aspect of just how that… Continue reading What Queso and Hummus Have in Common

This Summer’s Favorite Recipes

The other day, one of the trail runners in the Tuesday night group posed a question: “What’s your go-to post-run snack, especially if you just want something small?” Evening runs pose problems when it comes to a meal. Most people head straight to the workout from their job. By the time we’re done traipsing around that night’s selection… Continue reading This Summer’s Favorite Recipes

Fun Foodie Friday: Drinking My Veggies

Our CSA box has taught us more about vegetables than I would’ve ever imagined. We joined a local farmshare group, Johnson’s Backyard Garden, when they first opened up to the public. Ever since then, every two weeks, we’ve gotten a box full of delicious, organic, seasonal, fresh veggies. Moving toward a plant-based diet hasn’t been easy… Continue reading Fun Foodie Friday: Drinking My Veggies

Fun Foodie Friday–A Soup for Summer

Ah, the warm weather months in Texas. Typically, these temperatures consist of “hellishly hot” and “hotter than Hell.” We’ve had an unseasonably wet last few months, and as a result, Austin is lush and green. If your yard looks like crap, it’s because that’s okay with you. The smell of blooming star jasmine is in… Continue reading Fun Foodie Friday–A Soup for Summer

Kickstarting Change with a Cleanse

Springtime in Austin means bluebonnets. For my fun workout group, it also means a bluebonnet run. Each spring, one of our founding members always puts together a route from her home followed by a lovely group breakfast. One of the beautiful things about our group is its athletic diversity–younger/older, runner/triathlete/walker, experienced/newbie. You don’t always see… Continue reading Kickstarting Change with a Cleanse

Fun Food Friday: A Taste of SXSW with #Southbites

There’s something for nearly everyone at the 2015 SXSW Festival. My primary draw is SXSports and its wide variety of athletic- and fitness-related panels, speakers, and presentations. Did you know about SXstyle and SX Health and MedTech Expo, both new this year? It wouldn’t be Austin, however, without some type of food connection (does anyone… Continue reading Fun Food Friday: A Taste of SXSW with #Southbites