Freelancing from NYC’s Public Library

Morning sun broke through the clouds to illuminate Manhattan’s gray buildings. Across their tops, I could see water; was that the Hudson River? That Friday morning was turning out to be cool and crisp, a good day to get out on foot and explore. Just one hitch: I had work to do. No problem–I’d combine… Continue reading Freelancing from NYC’s Public Library

How Do You Measure Success?

Damn New Year’s resolutions. Damn those ubiquitous ads for personal improvements. Damn fresh starts, reaffirmations, good intentions. Damn everyone pushing those annual bookended reflections: What have you done so far? What do you want to achieve? Awards and Writing At last night’s Golden Globes award ceremony, Glenn Close gave a tearful acceptance speech that tore… Continue reading How Do You Measure Success?

Shooting Lani and Keeping Up with NaNoWriMo

Last week, I shot Lani. Friday’s blog post was the first time I’d ever released a work in progress (fiction, no less!) into the harsh, critical world. Nobody seemed to hate it, which I took as encouragement. And that’s positive reinforcement, because I’ve set a goal: post each Friday throughout November, which is National Novel… Continue reading Shooting Lani and Keeping Up with NaNoWriMo

And the Social Media Week Austin Oscars Go To….

It’s award season, people! The Oscars inspired me to single out some of the outstanding performers from Social Media Week Austin, three days packed full of (you guessed it) social media tips, tricks, and triumph. Rather than do an exhaustive–and exhausting–SMWATX recap, I’ve carefully chosen winners in a few key categories. Best Presenter Hands down,… Continue reading And the Social Media Week Austin Oscars Go To….

You Should Be Proud to Be a Writer

The company dinner. You put on some nice party clothes and head off for an evening of small talk, catered food, and obligatory I-don’t-know-what-else-to-do-with-myself-so-I’ll-have-another drinks. As the spouse, I’m often the recipient of small smiles and quick topic changes after the “what do you do?” question. “Freelancer writer and editor” seems to be a conversation… Continue reading You Should Be Proud to Be a Writer

Pushing Boundaries By Publishing

I went out for happy hour with some good girlfriends. Sweet Julie always asks, “What are you writing these days?” and so I talked a bit about the essay in progress  (“Can I Be Absolved of Gentrification?” that went up on later in the evening). What I didn’t discuss: my halting fear about publishing it.… Continue reading Pushing Boundaries By Publishing