Weeding Out That Blog Comment Spam

Good day! Thank you for reading my most magnificent pleasing thread post! Those two sentences either have you laughing or closing my post before the final exclamation point. Scratching your head? Well, you’re lucky. You must not be familiar with blog comment spam. Hello, Spammers! Goodbye, Spam! I’ve been wading through a fair amount of… Continue reading Weeding Out That Blog Comment Spam

BlogHer 2017 Went A Lot Like My First Marathon

It’s Saturday night, BlogHer 2017’s final hurrah. Some valuable final content may be getting slung. The crowd could be gathered in the giant keynote hall for the wrap-up session, where it’s possible Serena Williams is passing out diamond tennis bracelets and hugs, a panel of publishing houses are handing out book contracts, and everyone’s raising… Continue reading BlogHer 2017 Went A Lot Like My First Marathon

Does X Games Make Me a Cool Mom?

The photographer was desperately nonchalant as he talked with the female reporter next to him. As I worked on my laptop, one eye focused on the TV coverage scrolling at the front of the media center, it was impossible not to listen to the conversation behind me. He’d grabbed my ear earlier with chat about running… Continue reading Does X Games Make Me a Cool Mom?

Working Out My Worth

Good friends say things you really need to hear but don’t necessarily want to. And time to reflect almost always results in making some decisions. The other week, my good friend Dr. Stephanie listened as I talked about writing before saying thoughtfully, “You are the best cheerleader I know. Why don’t you turn some of that on… Continue reading Working Out My Worth

Connecting via Carrie Brownstein

I write constantly. Most of the time, it’s not an actual physical act. I’m writing in my head, addressing this invisible reader who is always with me. The words appear on mental pages, typed, read aloud in my voice. Often, I dream of words. Lying quietly in yoga, it’s these kernels of stories — individual… Continue reading Connecting via Carrie Brownstein

Taking Blog Images to 11

We’ve become an image-driven audience. Take a look at these stats compiled by Business2Community: Instagram, with it’s photo-driven focus, rules over other social media platforms in terms of engagement (58 times more per follower than Facebook, 120 times more than Twitter) Tweets with images received 150 percent more retweets Photo posts account for 87 percent… Continue reading Taking Blog Images to 11

#BlogathonATX Has Tips, Tools for All

Going to BlogathonATX was like the first day of school — I had my pens all ready, a brand new book for notes, laptop juiced up, phone with social media contact info at hand, and my own “What would you do if you could not fail?” mug ready for extreme coffee action. The day flew by.… Continue reading #BlogathonATX Has Tips, Tools for All

Loving the Work but Loathing the Laptop

There’s a fresh cup of coffee, ready and steaming. My work station is full of natural light. Notes are neatly arranged for easy reference, pens and scratch paper within reach. The house is clean, yard work done, to-do list organized. All conditions are go for my work session. And yet… I stare out the window, the… Continue reading Loving the Work but Loathing the Laptop