What I Read in 2018

Documenting #52booksin52weeks turned into a surprisingly interesting project. Accountability through publication was a success; for once in my life, I faithfully (and relatively regularly) updated an on-going reading list. In the process, I learned some things: You like it when I talk books! Surprisingly, these blog round-ups and Facebook and Instagram posts were some of 2018’s… Continue reading What I Read in 2018

The Flower Cap Cult

Like any self-respecting cult, ours has a charismatic leader. Our matching flower caps were her idea. We’re a loud bunch, anonymous in the dark. Because that’s when we dip into Austin’s Barton Springs pool. Before the sun rises, while the moon still watches; before dedicated swimmers knock out pre-work laps; before entrance fees are collected;… Continue reading The Flower Cap Cult

Exceeding Reading Expectations

As November draws to an end, the holiday noose begins to tighten. Entertaining, decorating, gift giving, family get-togethers, obligatory travel . . . all signal the calendar year is rapidly coming to a close. We’re tearing off the page on Week No. 47 out of a total 52! My, how time flies. Which means all… Continue reading Exceeding Reading Expectations

Should You Sit or Stand at Work?

Today’s health and wellness recommendations can sometimes seem like Texas weather: wait five minutes, and it’ll change. Remember when marathoners took ibuprofen religiously before races? Studies later revealed those pre-workout NSAIDs could be dangerous. How many times has thinking flip-flopped regarding runners and stretching? Can you say with any certainty whether healthy nutrition should include… Continue reading Should You Sit or Stand at Work?

Shooting Lani and Keeping Up with NaNoWriMo

Last week, I shot Lani. Friday’s blog post was the first time I’d ever released a work in progress (fiction, no less!) into the harsh, critical world. Nobody seemed to hate it, which I took as encouragement. And that’s positive reinforcement, because I’ve set a goal: post each Friday throughout November, which is National Novel… Continue reading Shooting Lani and Keeping Up with NaNoWriMo

Getting Real with a Recipe

Don’t you love food porn? Those inspiring photos of well-executed steps and beautifully plated dishes. Pristine ingredients, colorful spices in tiny glass bowls, gorgeous gadgets of all sorts in perfectly appointed kitchens. Aaaah. I’m a sucker for a gorgeous cookbook, especially one chock-full of healthy recipes. Once we moved into a smaller house, I’ve controlled… Continue reading Getting Real with a Recipe

How Many Calories Do You Need?

Weight loss is science, right? Bodies burn calories to create energy. Each body is unique, and differentiating factors–amount and type of exercise, height, weight, age, and gender–factor into the simple balance of calories in versus calories out. Exactly how many calories, then, does a specific body need? Eating to Lose Weight I’ve been dealing with an unrelenting,… Continue reading How Many Calories Do You Need?

10 More Books to Read

You’re right; I’ve fallen behind on updating my #52booksin52weeks challenge. Yes, I’m posting on Facebook in real time (more or less, don’t you know), but publishing comprehensive summaries for one-stop consumption–well, I could do better. My first list covered books 1 through 25. Whew–that long recounting involved ‘way too much writing and images (and reading) for… Continue reading 10 More Books to Read