10 Reasons to Work Out with Project Austin

Back in January 2017, my friend Ginny launched a campaign to get me to this free M/W/F workout she’d fallen in love with. “Everybody’s so nice,” she said. “I gotta warn you, though…there’s hugging.” And–because this was Ginny–the workout was, naturally, first thing in the morning. These days, it takes a lot to get me… Continue reading 10 Reasons to Work Out with Project Austin

Geeky Interactive Map Fun

If I were given a map and dropped naked in the jungle, the results wouldn’t be pretty. Not because I couldn’t fashion rudimentary garments, craft tools and weapons, or utilize arcane bits of survival wisdom. No, it would be because I’d wander fruitlessly, killed by my lack of basic map skills. Which makes it so surprising that… Continue reading Geeky Interactive Map Fun