Tokyo Adventures Told Through Cherry Blossoms

“How was your trip to Tokyo?” Words gushed as I told friends rambling stories inspired by memories as I swiped through my photos: “Oh, the guy with the bunny! And then . . . which reminds me of that restaurant . . . but there was this tower . . . wait–I forgot about .… Continue reading Tokyo Adventures Told Through Cherry Blossoms

Measuring ROI for SMWATX 2019

I never attended a happy hour. Walked right on by the chatting crowds at the morning breakfast table. That FOMO Factory booth, where attendees snapped brightly colored selfies? The prominently placed step-and-repeat? Nope; no selfies or group shots populate my feed. Nor did I make a bee line for speakers after their sessions. So, you… Continue reading Measuring ROI for SMWATX 2019

Spring Comes in February

The dark sky glowers. For the last few hours, fast melting sleet has peppered the ground. Mere days ago, I’d pulled on shorts and flung all the windows open, sweating when the night’s low hovered near 70 degrees. Texas weather changes abruptly, and and the needle on this particular February day has swung back toward… Continue reading Spring Comes in February

The Flower Cap Cult

Like any self-respecting cult, ours has a charismatic leader. Our matching flower caps were her idea. We’re a loud bunch, anonymous in the dark. Because that’s when we dip into Austin’s Barton Springs pool. Before the sun rises, while the moon still watches; before dedicated swimmers knock out pre-work laps; before entrance fees are collected;… Continue reading The Flower Cap Cult

Getting to Know Cherrywood’s Artists

It’s not like I actively stalk my creative neighbors but damn if I don’t love meeting people in the ‘hood who make things. Take, for instance, the morning I was picking up a treat for my honey at Bennu Coffee. The friendly barista knew the apron-clad woman ordering after me and solicitously asked how work… Continue reading Getting to Know Cherrywood’s Artists

A Backdoor Look at Being on a Homes Tour

This past Saturday, our home was one of seven Austin houses featured by Preservation Austin. What’s it like, you might wonder, having hundreds of people pass through your house? Having been on both sides of the door (visitor and host), I put together this Q&A to perhaps dispel some misconceptions and provide insight. How’d you… Continue reading A Backdoor Look at Being on a Homes Tour

How Much Do You Love Your State Flower?

Texans are passionate about their state. We brag (a lot), threaten to secede (again), and throw around our considerable collective weight (when beneficial). Texas is so big you can drive all day and not cross its borders. The state includes many distinctly different geographic regions: deserts, mountains, giant canyons, fertile valleys, piney woods, coastal areas.… Continue reading How Much Do You Love Your State Flower?

And the Social Media Week Austin Oscars Go To….

It’s award season, people! The Oscars inspired me to single out some of the outstanding performers from Social Media Week Austin, three days packed full of (you guessed it) social media tips, tricks, and triumph. Rather than do an exhaustive–and exhausting–SMWATX recap, I’ve carefully chosen winners in a few key categories. Best Presenter Hands down,… Continue reading And the Social Media Week Austin Oscars Go To….

Pushing Boundaries By Publishing

I went out for happy hour with some good girlfriends. Sweet Julie always asks, “What are you writing these days?” and so I talked a bit about the essay in progress  (“Can I Be Absolved of Gentrification?” that went up on later in the evening). What I didn’t discuss: my halting fear about publishing it.… Continue reading Pushing Boundaries By Publishing

Feeding My Soul with a Trail

There isn’t much fall in Central Texas, but the flame leaf sumac smoldered bronze, rust, and gold against the green of Ashe junipers and wayward ligustrum. That November morning wasn’t even cold. More like muggy with a faint patina of mist. There hadn’t been any real rain but as we’d stopped to assess the fork… Continue reading Feeding My Soul with a Trail