What I Can Do about Racism

My heart broke as I watched Diamond Reynold’s video capturing the immediate aftermath of  Philando Castile’s shooting during a routine traffic stop. I didn’t think my heart could hurt any more until  I learned that Dallas police officers had been ambushed and gunned down by a sniper. This circle of racial violence must stop. More… Continue reading What I Can Do about Racism

Geeky Interactive Map Fun

If I were given a map and dropped naked in the jungle, the results wouldn’t be pretty. Not because I couldn’t fashion rudimentary garments, craft tools and weapons, or utilize arcane bits of survival wisdom. No, it would be because I’d wander fruitlessly, killed by my lack of basic map skills. Which makes it so surprising that… Continue reading Geeky Interactive Map Fun

What Do SXSW, President Obama, and Cuba Have In Common?

Answer: They’ve been talking about racism. For the past week, the news has been full of the Obamas’ historic visit to Cuba. In today’s New York Times, a moving article described the powerful impact of the president’s most recent appearance there (“Obama Looks Past Cuba’s Post-Racial Veneer” by Damien Cave). According to Cave’s article, an… Continue reading What Do SXSW, President Obama, and Cuba Have In Common?

Making a CreativeMornings Connection

Our paths intersected and within 30 seconds, I’d learned my new friend was focusing on the word “discernment” for 2016. Fate and a narrow row of folding chairs had brought me to chat with Austin’s own “Queen of Weird,” published author, and subject of an upcoming documentary, Love in the Sixties, Aralyn Hughes. My first… Continue reading Making a CreativeMornings Connection

Connecting via Carrie Brownstein

I write constantly. Most of the time, it’s not an actual physical act. I’m writing in my head, addressing this invisible reader who is always with me. The words appear on mental pages, typed, read aloud in my voice. Often, I dream of words. Lying quietly in yoga, it’s these kernels of stories — individual… Continue reading Connecting via Carrie Brownstein

Working Out in Cherrywood with Dane’s Body Shop

One of the wonderful things about living in my neighborhood is the wide variety of businesses and resources available within walking distance. Mostly, this encompasses restaurants, coffee shops, bars, hospitals (don’t laugh; we’ve already  had to visit the emergency room for stitches), banks, and grocery stores. My personal current favorite? I can walk to the library!… Continue reading Working Out in Cherrywood with Dane’s Body Shop

Seminars, Sisterhood, and Shared Stories at Texas Conference for Women

Just the other day, The Austinot published my story, “Texas Conference for Women Takes the Town This Week,” an introduction to this annual event that aims to empower women’s professional and personal lives through education, inspiration, and shared experiences. Yesterday, I got to attend. Let me just say…wow. Here’s a brief run-down of my experience, plus… Continue reading Seminars, Sisterhood, and Shared Stories at Texas Conference for Women

#BlogathonATX Has Tips, Tools for All

Going to BlogathonATX was like the first day of school — I had my pens all ready, a brand new book for notes, laptop juiced up, phone with social media contact info at hand, and my own “What would you do if you could not fail?” mug ready for extreme coffee action. The day flew by.… Continue reading #BlogathonATX Has Tips, Tools for All