Measuring ROI for SMWATX 2019

I never attended a happy hour. Walked right on by the chatting crowds at the morning breakfast table. That FOMO Factory booth, where attendees snapped brightly colored selfies? The prominently placed step-and-repeat? Nope; no selfies or group shots populate my feed. Nor did I make a bee line for speakers after their sessions. So, you… Continue reading Measuring ROI for SMWATX 2019

How Do You Measure Success?

Damn New Year’s resolutions. Damn those ubiquitous ads for personal improvements. Damn fresh starts, reaffirmations, good intentions. Damn everyone pushing those annual bookended reflections: What have you done so far? What do you want to achieve? Awards and Writing At last night’s Golden Globes award ceremony, Glenn Close gave a tearful acceptance speech that tore… Continue reading How Do You Measure Success?

What Happens When You Say ‘Yes’ to Travel

“Be careful what you wish for.” Over a year ago, I set myself up for yes. In particular, saying yes to travel. Being a freelancer, I have ultimate schedule flexibility; having an empty nest (sans our ancient cat), my spouse and I have great freedom. With these things in mind, Hubby took a new job that… Continue reading What Happens When You Say ‘Yes’ to Travel