Falling in Love with Lemongrass

It’s a typical romance novel contrivance: over the years, two people cultivate a fast friendship. Then something changes. Maybe they take a trip together; perhaps they’re forced to shelter under spreading oak branches during a rainstorm; a new-found love interest creates a problematic threesome. Suddenly, eyes are metaphorically opened. One sees the other, that previously… Continue reading Falling in Love with Lemongrass

A Book Nerd Cooks with Ruth Reichl

Are you a book nerd? Book nerds have multiple copies of the same book because the newer edition is just so cool. They wonder why anyone needs a “read 52 books in 52 weeks” challenge. Reading materials pile up everywhere, and “books” constitute an impressive slice of the budget pie graph. Should contact with an actual… Continue reading A Book Nerd Cooks with Ruth Reichl

This Summer’s Favorite Recipes

The other day, one of the trail runners in the Tuesday night group posed a question: “What’s your go-to post-run snack, especially if you just want something small?” Evening runs pose problems when it comes to a meal. Most people head straight to the workout from their job. By the time we’re done traipsing around that night’s selection… Continue reading This Summer’s Favorite Recipes

Fun Foodie Friday: Drinking My Veggies

Our CSA box has taught us more about vegetables than I would’ve ever imagined. We joined a local farmshare group, Johnson’s Backyard Garden, when they first opened up to the public. Ever since then, every two weeks, we’ve gotten a box full of delicious, organic, seasonal, fresh veggies. Moving toward a plant-based diet hasn’t been easy… Continue reading Fun Foodie Friday: Drinking My Veggies

Healthy Eating from My Own Backyard: the Kitchen Garden

One of my chief pleasures as an adult has always been working in a yard. I love everything — designing, planting, maintaining, and sitting outside, viewing. Our previous home was located in Austin’s suburbs, a great place for good schools, big houses, and deer. The deer lived in the greenbelt that surrounded the creek down… Continue reading Healthy Eating from My Own Backyard: the Kitchen Garden