Spring Comes in February

The dark sky glowers. For the last few hours, fast melting sleet has peppered the ground. Mere days ago, I’d pulled on shorts and flung all the windows open, sweating when the night’s low hovered near 70 degrees. Texas weather changes abruptly, and and the needle on this particular February day has swung back toward… Continue reading Spring Comes in February

How Much Do You Love Your State Flower?

Texans are passionate about their state. We brag (a lot), threaten to secede (again), and throw around our considerable collective weight (when beneficial). Texas is so big you can drive all day and not cross its borders. The state includes many distinctly different geographic regions: deserts, mountains, giant canyons, fertile valleys, piney woods, coastal areas.… Continue reading How Much Do You Love Your State Flower?

Fried Turkey Bones Give Winter Soup A Tasty Base

I’m a cold weather lover. So when this morning’s temperature dropped from a muggy 75+ degrees (it’s December, dammit!) to a steely 55 degrees in a the space of an hour, the day looked fabulous. Windows open! The possibility of jeans without sweat! Dare I hope–a jacket? SWEET. Naturally, I wanted something hot to eat.… Continue reading Fried Turkey Bones Give Winter Soup A Tasty Base

Grow Your Own Passion Fruit

My life is no Disney movie, but little woodland creatures taught me a lesson this weekend. Based on discarded rinds littering the garden, it’s time to eat. Thank you, furry friends; I’d been clueless about passion fruit. Passionflower: More than Pretty About a year ago, I planted a passionflower vine in a sunny spot along my… Continue reading Grow Your Own Passion Fruit

Falling in Love with Lemongrass

It’s a typical romance novel contrivance: over the years, two people cultivate a fast friendship. Then something changes. Maybe they take a trip together; perhaps they’re forced to shelter under spreading oak branches during a rainstorm; a new-found love interest creates a problematic threesome. Suddenly, eyes are metaphorically opened. One sees the other, that previously… Continue reading Falling in Love with Lemongrass

Adding Some Yard to My Meal

When my kids were little and I’d serve some unfamiliar piece of food, they’d cock their heads, give the plate a squinty-eyed stare, and skeptically ask, “Is there yard in this?” 9 times out of 10, they’d caught me. Deer-Resistant Homegrown Herbs “Yard” meant any one of the herbs I’d planted as part of our… Continue reading Adding Some Yard to My Meal