Little Free Library Feeds My Book List

Every day, often multiple times, I wander out to the curb to peer into my Little Free Library (LFL). Since we installed it in January, I’ve closely monitored contents and fed when necessary. The premise is simple: take a book, leave a book. Now, sometimes, there’s more taking than leaving. I’ve learned patience, to let… Continue reading Little Free Library Feeds My Book List

What I Read in 2018

Documenting #52booksin52weeks turned into a surprisingly interesting project. Accountability through publication was a success; for once in my life, I faithfully (and relatively regularly) updated an on-going reading list. In the process, I learned some things: You like it when I talk books!┬áSurprisingly, these blog round-ups and Facebook and Instagram posts were some of 2018’s… Continue reading What I Read in 2018