DFL, DNF, or DIM (Does It Matter?) at the Leatherwood Ultra

I should add another three-letter acronym: WTF. I’m quite sure I uttered the phrase a few times during the uphill climbs on the 2016 Leatherwood Ultra course. It also fairly neatly sums up the conflicted feelings I’ve had about writing up this race report. WTF am I supposed to glean from my performance in North… Continue reading DFL, DNF, or DIM (Does It Matter?) at the Leatherwood Ultra

Going the Distance in Marathons & Marriage

Hubby and I love a date night celebration, and we were out on Friday, dressed to the nines, in full empty nester foodie mode. We were trying one of Austin’s amazing downtown restaurants, Counter3.Five.VII. Yes, it’s a clunky name but it’s illustrative. The seating area is a u-shaped counter, so that diners rub elbows as they… Continue reading Going the Distance in Marathons & Marriage

Revealing All in a Cup of Coffee

This real world scenario and your reactions to it can uncover the inner-most leanings of your psyche. Or perhaps not. But I’m curious…how does my coffee quiz speak to you? Cup of Coffee Personality Test The scene: the Nyfeler kitchen, some early weekday morning. My husband, a passionate patron of a local independent coffee shop, gallantly offers to… Continue reading Revealing All in a Cup of Coffee

Working Out My Worth

Good friends say things you really need to hear but don’t necessarily want to. And time to reflect almost always results in making some decisions. The other week, my good friend Dr. Stephanie listened as I talked about writing before saying thoughtfully, “You are the best cheerleader I know. Why don’t you turn some of that on… Continue reading Working Out My Worth

My Kitty Kills My Workouts

Technically, Baby Luv isn’t even my cat; she originally belonged to our oldest child. Midway through our daughter’s junior year in high school, she adopted the cute orange tabby from the animal shelter. The kitten’s original name was Marmalade, but our fashion-forward daughter rechristened her after Paris Hilton’s pet kinkajou. Call us short-sighted, but we didn’t anticipate… Continue reading My Kitty Kills My Workouts

Did Jog Bras Get Bigger? (or Are Stores Just Happy to See Me?)

Evidently, a lot of technology is involved in the restraint of my bosom as I exercise.  A lot of expensive technology. And quite a bit of construction. I had no idea that so much was required to lift, separate, support, and harness my girls on those runs. Frankly, it’s a little intimidating. Buying a First Sports… Continue reading Did Jog Bras Get Bigger? (or Are Stores Just Happy to See Me?)

First-Day-of-School Cookies Never Grow Old

Food, they say, is love. A long-standing tradition at our house is first-day-of-school cookies. I’m not sure if this yearly treat started out for the kids or for me. True, there’s nothing better than the smell of freshly-baked, homemade cookies when you walk in the front door, but there’s something incredibly relaxing about baking in… Continue reading First-Day-of-School Cookies Never Grow Old

Beaches, Tanning, and Sunscreen

The two of us floated in the crystal-clear turquoise seawater of Hawksnest Bay and talked about tanning as teenagers. Background: I packed two one-gallon plastic bags of sunscreen for our week-long getaway to St. John, USVI. There was the ultra sunblock for extra-sensitive baby skin (yes, even though I’m 53, I wear baby sunscreen) and some… Continue reading Beaches, Tanning, and Sunscreen