Does X Games Make Me a Cool Mom?

The photographer was desperately nonchalant as he talked with the female reporter next to him. As I worked on my laptop, one eye focused on the TV coverage scrolling at the front of the media center, it was impossible not to listen to the conversation behind me. He’d grabbed my ear earlier with chat about running… Continue reading Does X Games Make Me a Cool Mom?

Can I Give Mother’s Day a Bye?

I’ve been stomping around in a grumpy funk, stewing over small slights (did he REALLY just leave that coffee cup at the sink instead of putting it in the dishwasher?), cursing bad drivers, and gnashing my teeth in frustration over work. This afternoon, while writing my grocery store list, I finally realized the reason behind… Continue reading Can I Give Mother’s Day a Bye?

My Kitty Kills My Workouts

Technically, Baby Luv isn’t even my cat; she originally belonged to our oldest child. Midway through our daughter’s junior year in high school, she adopted the cute orange tabby from the animal shelter. The kitten’s original name was Marmalade, but our fashion-forward daughter rechristened her after Paris Hilton’s pet kinkajou. Call us short-sighted, but we didn’t anticipate… Continue reading My Kitty Kills My Workouts

First-Day-of-School Cookies Never Grow Old

Food, they say, is love. A long-standing tradition at our house is first-day-of-school cookies. I’m not sure if this yearly treat started out for the kids or for me. True, there’s nothing better than the smell of freshly-baked, homemade cookies when you walk in the front door, but there’s something incredibly relaxing about baking in… Continue reading First-Day-of-School Cookies Never Grow Old

Beaches, Tanning, and Sunscreen

The two of us floated in the crystal-clear turquoise seawater of Hawksnest Bay and talked about tanning as teenagers. Background: I packed two one-gallon plastic bags of sunscreen for our week-long getaway to St. John, USVI. There was the ultra sunblock for extra-sensitive baby skin (yes, even though I’m 53, I wear baby sunscreen) and some… Continue reading Beaches, Tanning, and Sunscreen

Good Sportsmanship Knows No Gender

We made anguished, strangled noises, something between a sob and a shout. “Oh my God,” I exclaimed to my husband, who had leapt to his feet in the living room, “was that an own goal?” It was, he bleakly ascertained. We watched the replay, stunned to see such a gut-wrenching error in the final minutes… Continue reading Good Sportsmanship Knows No Gender