10 More Books to Read

You’re right; I’ve fallen behind on updating my #52booksin52weeks challenge. Yes, I’m posting on Facebook in real time (more or less, don’t you know), but publishing comprehensive summaries for one-stop consumption–well, I could do better. My first list covered books 1 through 25. Whew–that long recounting involved ‘way too much writing and images (and reading) for… Continue reading 10 More Books to Read

Oprah, We Need to See a Better NFL

Dear Oprah, For so many years, you have exemplified my vision of success. You, after all, inspired me to believe I could be–was, in fact–an athlete. When you took up running, you showed me I could ignore my body’s appearance and embrace its capability. So I walked that 2-mile loop, and then I walked and ran a… Continue reading Oprah, We Need to See a Better NFL