Ten Days and Three Talks by Inspiring Women

In the last two weeks, I’ve gotten goose bumps, shed a few tears, and had my ass kicked thanks to these three women. Each shared some particularly stirring thoughts and moved me mightily through talks at conferences. Stephanie Carls Get Smart 2017 was a big day for me. In that afternoon conference, I wore several… Continue reading Ten Days and Three Talks by Inspiring Women

How to Binge Watch GoT (and Have a Life)

For those of us who are just a tab compulsive about completing things, TV on demand is a very sharp double-edged sword. I can watch an entire show–every episode–all in one sitting! OMG, I’m going to watch it all?!? Let’s Talk Game of Thrones GoT season 7 finally launched last week. It’s been away forever; season 6 concluded… Continue reading How to Binge Watch GoT (and Have a Life)

Running the Trails at Walnut Creek Park

Few things are better than empowering someone with the confidence to successfully navigate a trail. I love to introduce people to my favorite outdoor spaces, and that’s why I’ve coached running groups, written guides, and dragged friends around most of Austin’s trails. Nature, however, continually edits paths. That shady, overgrown summer trail is completely different in… Continue reading Running the Trails at Walnut Creek Park

Connecting via Carrie Brownstein

I write constantly. Most of the time, it’s not an actual physical act. I’m writing in my head, addressing this invisible reader who is always with me. The words appear on mental pages, typed, read aloud in my voice. Often, I dream of words. Lying quietly in yoga, it’s these kernels of stories — individual… Continue reading Connecting via Carrie Brownstein

#BlogathonATX Has Tips, Tools for All

Going to BlogathonATX was like the first day of school — I had my pens all ready, a brand new book for notes, laptop juiced up, phone with social media contact info at hand, and my own “What would you do if you could not fail?” mug ready for extreme coffee action. The day flew by.… Continue reading #BlogathonATX Has Tips, Tools for All

Making Rainy Days a Workout Motivator

For the last few days in Austin, it’s steadily rained. Yes, I know this is par for the course for those in the Pacific northwest (my friends in Oregon are laughing right now and calling me a wimp), but it is hard to be motivated to haul ass outside in the dark when faced with the… Continue reading Making Rainy Days a Workout Motivator