DFL, DNF, or DIM (Does It Matter?) at the Leatherwood Ultra

I should add another three-letter acronym: WTF. I’m quite sure I uttered the phrase a few times during the uphill climbs on the 2016 Leatherwood Ultra course. It also fairly neatly sums up the conflicted feelings I’ve had about writing up this race report. WTF am I supposed to glean from my performance in North… Continue reading DFL, DNF, or DIM (Does It Matter?) at the Leatherwood Ultra

Taking Blog Images to 11

We’ve become an image-driven audience. Take a look at these stats compiled by Business2Community: Instagram, with it’s photo-driven focus, rules over other social media platforms in terms of engagement (58 times more per follower than Facebook, 120 times more than Twitter) Tweets with images received 150 percent more retweets Photo posts account for 87 percent… Continue reading Taking Blog Images to 11

What Vacation Taught Me about Real Life

We watched the sun sink down through the pink- and orange-tinged clouds, our hands clasped, until it finally dipped below the horizon. Whether I said it out loud or not, my mind automatically supplied Holly Hunter’s line from Raising Arizona: “That was beautiful, H.I.” My entire being felt at peace, still, relaxed, refreshed…the kind of perfect… Continue reading What Vacation Taught Me about Real Life

What Queso and Hummus Have in Common

My family loves queso. We eagerly sample the cheesy dip at any possible restaurant and rate accordingly. Factors such as color, consistency, spiciness, and additional ingredients are carefully weighed. Discussions ensue, arguments arise, factions result — there’s Mexican, interior Mexican, and Tex-Mex varieties to differentiate. And then there’s the whole aspect of just how that… Continue reading What Queso and Hummus Have in Common

If The Locals Say It’s Hot, Is It Hot?

Yesterday, I got all huffy when the hotel concierge said: “Madam, are you sure you want to do that? It is, oh, a 25- or 30-minute walk from here, maybe longer. And that is only part of the way.” Later, I relayed the exchange to my husband, grousing that the 20-something young man obviously thought… Continue reading If The Locals Say It’s Hot, Is It Hot?

Beaches, Tanning, and Sunscreen

The two of us floated in the crystal-clear turquoise seawater of Hawksnest Bay and talked about tanning as teenagers. Background: I packed two one-gallon plastic bags of sunscreen for our week-long getaway to St. John, USVI. There was the ultra sunblock for extra-sensitive baby skin (yes, even though I’m 53, I wear baby sunscreen) and some… Continue reading Beaches, Tanning, and Sunscreen