Just Not Sports Puts Online Harassment on Blast

Do you kiss your mother with those fingers? I’m updating the adage about cursing for the keyboard age. People these days are typing stuff no one should have to read. And often, it’s female journalists who pay an ugly price for doing their job. A Woman Writer in a Man’s Sports World Online harassment is a real phenomenon,… Continue reading Just Not Sports Puts Online Harassment on Blast

A Book Nerd Cooks with Ruth Reichl

Are you a book nerd? Book nerds have multiple copies of the same book because the newer edition is just so cool. They wonder why anyone needs a “read 52 books in 52 weeks” challenge. Reading materials pile up everywhere, and “books” constitute an impressive slice of the budget pie graph. Should contact with an actual… Continue reading A Book Nerd Cooks with Ruth Reichl

Making a CreativeMornings Connection

Our paths intersected and within 30 seconds, I’d learned my new friend was focusing on the word “discernment” for 2016. Fate and a narrow row of folding chairs had brought me to chat with Austin’s own “Queen of Weird,” published author, and subject of an upcoming documentary, Love in the Sixties, Aralyn Hughes. My first… Continue reading Making a CreativeMornings Connection

Working Out My Worth

Good friends say things you really need to hear but don’t necessarily want to. And time to reflect almost always results in making some decisions. The other week, my good friend Dr. Stephanie listened as I talked about writing before saying thoughtfully, “You are the best cheerleader I know. Why don’t you turn some of that on… Continue reading Working Out My Worth

Loving the Work but Loathing the Laptop

There’s a fresh cup of coffee, ready and steaming. My work station is full of natural light. Notes are neatly arranged for easy reference, pens and scratch paper within reach. The house is clean, yard work done, to-do list organized. All conditions are go for my work session. And yet… I stare out the window, the… Continue reading Loving the Work but Loathing the Laptop

Little Free Library On the Road

I’m currently spending some much needed time with extended family (which will, eventually, lend itself to all sorts of various posts), so I’m taking this opportunity to add another layer to my recently published article on The Austinot. If you’re not familiar with this magazine, The Austinot is an online publication that focuses on — you guessed… Continue reading Little Free Library On the Road