Pushing Boundaries By Publishing

I went out for happy hour with some good girlfriends. Sweet Julie always asks, “What are you writing these days?” and so I talked a bit about the essay in progress  (“Can I Be Absolved of Gentrification?” that went up on Medium.com later in the evening). What I didn’t discuss: my halting fear about publishing it.… Continue reading Pushing Boundaries By Publishing

#BlogathonATX Has Tips, Tools for All

Going to BlogathonATX was like the first day of school — I had my pens all ready, a brand new book for notes, laptop juiced up, phone with social media contact info at hand, and my own “What would you do if you could not fail?” mug ready for extreme coffee action. The day flew by.… Continue reading #BlogathonATX Has Tips, Tools for All

Good Sportsmanship Knows No Gender

We made anguished, strangled noises, something between a sob and a shout. “Oh my God,” I exclaimed to my husband, who had leapt to his feet in the living room, “was that an own goal?” It was, he bleakly ascertained. We watched the replay, stunned to see such a gut-wrenching error in the final minutes… Continue reading Good Sportsmanship Knows No Gender

Joining the Digital Age with a Tweet

I’m in the process of joining the digital age by joining Twitter (Lord help us all), and there was a space in my profile for a link to my blog. Hmmmm…I remember this. I used to be pretty regular in my updates but, between moving and landing a new job, “Enjoying the Journey” fell by… Continue reading Joining the Digital Age with a Tweet