Discover Katy Trail in Downtown Dallas

You think you know a city. Then you find a hidden jewel, some gleaming nugget buried deep in the old familiar parts that causes you to wonder, “How’d I miss this?” quickly followed by “and what else don’t I know?” My recent Dallas visit was a quick 24-hour trip; my husband was presenting at a conference held… Continue reading Discover Katy Trail in Downtown Dallas

Time Traveling in Northwestern Nebraska

It never fails—traveling reveals magic. My trip to northwestern Nebraska this fall certainly did; I discovered a time machine. So many different days, I stood in a building or on a hill or plain and completely lost myself in the past. Goosebumps rippled my skin over pioneer wagon ruts still tracking the Oregon Trail. While… Continue reading Time Traveling in Northwestern Nebraska

Ann Arbor Delivers a Christmas Frame of Mind

If only we could share sensory perceptions electronically. Right now, a light but bracingly chill breeze would waft by, ruffling that slightly scratchy woolen scarf warming your neck. A clean, crisp puff of winter air would become visible wispy clouds of vapor with each escaping breath. Take a deep inhale, and green smells–fresh cut fir, boxwood, farm… Continue reading Ann Arbor Delivers a Christmas Frame of Mind

Morning Runs and Big Sky

Can you fall in love with the sky? For the last five days, I’ve spent my  mornings outdoors in northwestern Nebraska, running and walking. Exploring. Not in the big cities commonly associated with the state, but small towns–Gering, Crawford, Alliance. The settings varied: patchworks of lush neighborhood lawns, historic parade grounds and horse barns, striated… Continue reading Morning Runs and Big Sky

Spending a Delightful Weekend at Destin’s Sugar Sand Beaches

The sound of surf. The view–a horizon divided between turquoise water and pastel blue sky . The feel of soft, warm, sugary sand. The salty tang of fresh Apalachicola oysters. Ah. Our getaway to Florida’s Emerald Coast refreshed all the senses. Why Destin in the Fall? Women Communicators of Austin holds a fantastic silent auction… Continue reading Spending a Delightful Weekend at Destin’s Sugar Sand Beaches