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Would you like to see work I’ve done for others? Here’s a partial list:

Print and Digital Articles

Texas Optimism Project article by Leah Fisher Nyfeler Gilbert Tuhabonye

“Running Toward Joy with Gilbert Tuhabonye,” Texas Optimism Project, with Texas Monthly (6/2018)

“Translating Travel into Hotel Happiness,” Texas Lifestyle Magazine (4/2018)

“Can I Be Absolved of Gentrification?” (11/2017)

Image of Sanya Richards-Ross cover story Summer 2017 by Leah Fisher Nyfeler for Texas Lifestyle Magazine

“Sanya Richards-Ross: Looking Ahead to Life’s Long Run”  Texas Lifestyle Magazine (cover story, summer 2017)

“What Madeleine Albright Could Learn From Beyonce”  BlogHer (2/2016)

“Step-By-Step Guide to Austin’s Long Anticipated Violet Crown Trail”  The Austinot (8/2015)

“Find Your Wild on the Lone Star Hiking Trail”  Texas Lifestyle Magazine (7/2015)

“How to Conquer Your ‘First Workout Fears'”  Midlife Boulevard (7/2015)

“Little Free Library Makes Books Accessible Along Austin Roadsides”  The Austinot (6/2015)

“Finding Fertile Ground for Living Art”  Texas Lifestyle Magazine (4/2015)

“Everything You Need to Know About Texas Bluebonnets”  The Austinot (4/2015)

“Make Lady Bird Lake’s Eastside Loop Your Go-To Route”  The Austinot (3/2015)

Book Editing

An Improbably Pairing by Gary Dickson book jacket

240 Beats per Minute: Life with an Unruly Heart by Bernard Witholt, PhD, and Roger M. Mills, MD

Cultivating Excellence: The Art, Science, and Grit of High Performance in Business by Darryl Cross and William Cross (2017)

An Improbably Pairing by Gary Dickson (1/2019)

Exceptional Every Day: An Empowering Process to Unlock Your Why and Transform Your Life by Jason M. Valadão, MD (4/2019)

Opus Optimus by Robert V. Smith, PhD. (2017)

The Write Way Into College: Rising Above GPAs and Test Scores with Memorable College Essays by Jody Cohan-French (2018)

The Write Way into College Jody Cohan-French thank you page

Favorite Works from Austin Fit Magazine:


“Anger in the Aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing”  (April 2013)

“No More Tour Titles for Lance Armstrong”  (Oct. 2012)

Screenshot 2015-04-09 13.57.34“Strong Women Love Texas Football”  (June 2014)

“What I Learned from Taking the My Fit Foods 21-Day Challenge”  (final in a series, April 2013)


magazine article with TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie shown at coffee shop
Chatting with founder Blake Mycoskie in Austin at TOMS Coffee was fun.

“Q&A with Blake Mycoskie”  (Dec. 2014)

“Trickle Down Health: H-E-B Believes that Health Starts at the Top”  (Dec. 2014)

“Andy Roddick is ‘All In’ in Austin”  (cover story, Nov. 2014)

“Moving Through the Hours with Ballet Austin”  (Sept. 2014)

Morgan Wade was a wonderful interview--his whole family was warm and accessible. He was a great viewpoint for introducing Austin's first X Games.
Morgan Wade was a wonderful interview–his whole family was warm and accessible. He was a great viewpoint for introducing Austin’s first X Games.

“Morgan Wade: Making Texas Proud at the X Games”  (cover story, May 2014)

“Alexis DeJoria: Living Life to the Fullest in the Fast Lane”  (Feb. 2014)

“A Chat with Alexander Rossi”  (Nov. 2013)

“Fashion for Track and Stream: Ross Bennett”  (cover story, Oct. 2013)

Motorsport coverage is tons of fun, and Williams F1 Team driver Susie Wolfe was charming, witty, and all business.
Motorsport coverage is tons of fun, and Williams F1 Team driver Susie Wolfe was charming, witty, and all business.

“The Stopwatch Has the Last Laugh”  (Oct. 2013)

“Cat Osterman Leaving the Mound–A Look at the Legendary Leftie’s Past and Future” (cover story, June 2013)

Image of Ricky Williams, football player
As a lifetime Texas Ex and former Longhorn Band member, time spent with Ricky Williams was a dream come true.

“Reincarnation, Reclamation, or Reinvention? Ricky Williams Embraces Change”  (cover story, Sept. 2013)

Magazine cover featuring freediver Tanya Streeter
One of the most inspiring, intelligent women I’ve ever met. It was a thrill seeing this cover on ESPN’s “Nine for IX: No Limits” about this famous freediver.

“Tanya Streeter Redefines Limits–Her Own and Yours”  (cover story, Sept. 2012)

“Austin Aztex: Bringing Futbol to House Park”  (July 2012)

Magazine cover with Formula One racing car
I’m very proud of the work in this magazine–it’s perhaps my all-time favorite work from my time at AFM.

“Michael Johnson Performance and the Williams F1 Team: Shaving Seconds to Become the Best” (cover story, July 2012)

“Trail Runners Take on the Dark Side with Capt’n Karl’s Trail Series” (June 2012)

“Five Stages of Dealing with Injury” (April 2012)

Article with title
One of my passions was introducing nonprofits with a fitness focus, such as Back on My Feet.

“Covering Common Ground” (Dec. 2012)

“Play Like a Competitive Girl–at Every Age” (Feb. 2012)

“What’s in a Food Name: Reading Food Labels” (Nov. 2011)

Image of downtown Austin over lake with title
As an avid runner, I have a real soft spot for the heart of Austin, Lady Bird Lake.

“Austin is For (Trail) Lovers” (Dec. 2011)


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