3 Train Pizzeria Delivers NY-Style Slices in ATX

One of the hardest things to get right in a gluten-free dish is texture. Especially when preparing favorite foods with a crust. For years, I’ve been constantly on the hunt for good gluten-free pizza. Not pizza I make at home, but pizza we can order in or go out to eat. You know–a treat. My favorite pies exist on… Continue reading 3 Train Pizzeria Delivers NY-Style Slices in ATX

An Introvert’s Guide to Escaping the Dreaded Partner Workout

The coach rasped out the evening’s workout: “We’ve got 6 x 400s tonight. Find a partner your pace….” The rest faded into oblivion as those three terrifying words ricocheted around my brain, building into a roaring crescendo. FIND. A. PARTNER.  Oh, hell no. Not tonight. Not on an evening when I was lucky to have made it to… Continue reading An Introvert’s Guide to Escaping the Dreaded Partner Workout

Discover Katy Trail in Downtown Dallas

You think you know a city. Then you find a hidden jewel, some gleaming nugget buried deep in the old familiar parts that causes you to wonder, “How’d I miss this?” quickly followed by “and what else don’t I know?” My recent Dallas visit was a quick 24-hour trip; my husband was presenting at a conference held… Continue reading Discover Katy Trail in Downtown Dallas

Texas Bluebonnets Already Signal Spring

If you listen to the bluebonnets, they’re saying spring in Texas lurks right around the corner. Oh, I know it’s not quite February. I know that spring doesn’t officially arrive in the Austin area until March 15, the date when almanacs assure us the threat of freeze has finally passed. But as winters all over… Continue reading Texas Bluebonnets Already Signal Spring

Time Traveling in Northwestern Nebraska

It never fails—traveling reveals magic. My trip to northwestern Nebraska this fall certainly did; I discovered a time machine. So many different days, I stood in a building or on a hill or plain and completely lost myself in the past. Goosebumps rippled my skin over pioneer wagon ruts still tracking the Oregon Trail. While… Continue reading Time Traveling in Northwestern Nebraska