My Secret to Gardening Success: Benign Neglect

There‚Äôs a perfectly shaped bright orange pumpkin in my garden. Two, in fact, one a bit bigger than the other. Both are flourishing. How? Beats me. Every fall, I buy an assortment of decorative winter squashes, which I arrange all over our home. I love fall colors, and bringing in nature is one of my… Continue reading My Secret to Gardening Success: Benign Neglect

Texas Bluebonnets Already Signal Spring

If you listen to the bluebonnets, they’re saying spring in Texas lurks right around the corner. Oh, I know it’s not quite February. I know that spring doesn’t officially arrive in the Austin area until March 15, the date when almanacs assure us the threat of freeze has finally passed. But as winters all over… Continue reading Texas Bluebonnets Already Signal Spring