Most Popular Blogs of 2018

Throw Back Thursday, January Review, Best of, Top 5; whatever this list’s title, I’ve looked back at 2018 to see which of my blogs readers enjoyed most. Runners treasure a PR (personal record) and I do love a stat, so reviewing is always a fun reveal. There are always surprises. Writing, you see, is a… Continue reading Most Popular Blogs of 2018

The Mental Part of Recovery is Harder than the Physical

Well, like so much these days, there was good news and bad news. The good news is that I’m definitely making “appropriate” progress. I can flex and bend my foot more. I have more strength in my ankle (though it is pitifully little) and my balance has really, really increased. This made me quite happy;… Continue reading The Mental Part of Recovery is Harder than the Physical

Random Thoughts and Pondering

 I have too many things I want to do — too many races, projects, goals. There doesn’t seem to be enough time. I’m already thinking into 2010 for races and got frustrated that the ACA calendar didn’t have rides up for August through October. Patience, patience. We’re organizing for a huge garage sale with my sister-in-law’s… Continue reading Random Thoughts and Pondering