Why I Don’t Use MapQuest

I find MapQuest irritating. Here’s why:

I need to go somewhere in Round Rock today. I’ve never been there and am not really familiar with Round Rock. So I used MapQuest to get driving directions.

The route has me taking the 45 toll road. Now, I am in general geographically impaired (hey, I’m a landmark driver, not a map person) but the thought began squeezing into my brain that this is actually not all that far from my house. MapQuest had its route at something like 16 miles to get there. I’m thinking, “Isn’t this just right off McNeil?”  Looking at the maps didn’t really help me, so I clicked the option of taking “shortest distance” instead of “fastest.” Sure ’nuff–it’s 8 miles from my house via McNeil.

Dude, how is going twice as far and paying money to drive on the toll roads better than the direct route?

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